​2019 Newbie is searching for tips


Had a continued breach from NFL, endure adventurous I played was Madden 08, so, it's like for ~10 years I haven't affected any NFL games. Remembering how to play, lots of new stuff, makes my arch spin. Spent added than a anniversary in abilities trainer, got all golds but the endure area (can't bulk it out). Played like 5 Exhibition amateur to get an abstraction of how to play at all and now started Franchise which looks mindblowing. For the record, I chose Ravens as my capital team, application absence rosters, Pro difficulty.

So, I accept a few questions and the things I don't accept actual well:

1, Passing. A lot of reliable canyon that works for me like 90% of times is Bullet, but abandoned if receiver is advanced open, contrarily too top accident of interception. Non of added passes plan for me. Lob is way too slow, a lot of defenders get into position while brawl is in the air. If I bandy on-route, there's top adventitious receiver will absence the mark, otherwise, gets deflected about every time. Can't bulk out what's the point of Touch canyon either. It's a bit faster than Lob, but still not fast abundant so defenders army receivers while it's in the air on a lot of routes I tried. I had a little luck communicable abysmal passes with Touch, but it's rare. Top is the aforementioned as Lob for me (plus I'm not acceptable with receiver heights yet), and Low is way too slow, if I charge abbreviate HB canyon or accessible Slant, I'd rather use Bullet. But bigger botheration is top accident of interception for me. What am I accomplishing amiss here? Are there any convenance types or guides/videos that can admonition me to advance on added casual techniques? I apperceive about ambition passing, but it's way too out of my alliance yet, so I wanna get beneath circuitous casual arrangement down for now.

2, Play Types. I do accept with alive (Option included), still charge added move and contrivance accuracy, but it's fine. Play Action is best affair that works for me a lot of often, even with a lot of QB types (Jackson and Flacco both plan well, even tho Flacco is actual slow). Next comes Shotgun, it's absolutely reliable and appropriate QB defense. Standard is appealing dangerous, accept to bandy soon, contrarily - sack. Bad at Quickplay because I'm still too apathetic to acknowledge to quick plays, apparently will get bigger at it... What I accept absolute botheration with is Screen. I bethink accepting it to plan in 08, but actuality it about consistently ends up in sack, with either QB, no bulk even if I alarm added defense. Incompletion or fasten if I'm lucky. Lamar has a baby adventitious to accomplish a run, but it's still too chancy and i can just lose yardage. How does Screen plan here? How am I advance on plays overall?

3, Defense. In this adventurous it feels kinda overcharged. Even if I don't do much, my AI aggregation shuts down plays of CPU adversary absolutely successfully, and for me, authoritative big plays on answerability is a helluva affliction too. I bethink Madden 08 getting a lot more activating about it. Do I accept a amiss consequence here? Also, for now I stick mostly to Coach suggestions of defense, and it seems like it works appealing able-bodied as I still blot harder on reads (controls too btw). I wanna administer on offense first, but how analytical is to apprentice to alarm my own aegis plays and acquirements to apprehend the enemy?

4, Settings. For now I use Assist for brawl carrier and getting in options, I'm not abiding how able it is, as I acknowledge appealing slow, but still able to move the ball, but would you acclaim Manual instead to get a adhere of it myself or go full Auto, because I spiral up added plays with my inputs? What added adventurous settings like this would you acclaim searching into? Maybe some sliders of fatigue/penalty/injury/etc for bigger experience? I wanna dig added into the adventurous and learn ins and out eventually, both on strategical and beheading level, as adventurous feels absolutely abysmal in both.

I'd absolutely acknowledge advice, abnormally if it's in simpler language. I'm not actual acceptable at terminology, because I'm not American, but I adulation NFL, although acquirements this game, rules and concepts was appealing harder aback in a day, even admitting I still don't apperceive abundant about it, and now I accept to bethink it all again. Still, it's absolutely account it.

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