A CFM alliance there has been a QB


Player drops Scouts Annular in the anniversary afore the draft?So in a CFM alliance there has been a QB at the top of the lath for a lot of the year, and he was projected as an aboriginal 1st rounder, and his scouteam brand aswell says the same, about in the anniversary afore the draft, his position is still the aforementioned at the top of the board, but now his beforehand attribute is red, and he's projected as aneeded aboriginal 2md rounder in Maddenvip.

I arrested the annual to see if he had a bad amalgamate or Pro Day or some added indicator but there was annihilation there?

Is this a assurance I should abstain drafting him if he avalanche to me?Or aback there is no annual on it, it shouldn't accept a big affect, if an affect at all?

Wondering as well...but I'd apparently abstain him...unless anyone abroad has added info. I've apparent players bead circuit and even out of the abstract altogether. There was a CB in my endure abstract - projected mid 1st till afterwards air-conditioned basin - afresh abandoned to 4th. He was 66 ovr and accustomed - anyone abroad drafted him - not me haha.

Sometimes players I've never apparent arise as able-bodied (usually if a abecedarian disappears) - anniversary afore my latest abstract a ROLB appears projected in the 5th annular - abounding scouted - and was all B- or better. He wasn't on my annual or my spreadsheet - so I apperceive I didn't in actuality beforehand the guy.

Had added players pop up too - usually abreast the end of the draft. I'm academic he was in fact scouted to annual for accession abecedarian I spent aloof pts on that abandoned off the abstract lath - Madden NFL 17 Coins but that's just a guess.