A psychological reason to prioritize summoner spells over nerfs


There's also a psychological reason to prioritize summoner spells over nerfs. End users tend to react more positively to gaining something than losing something. That's not to say everything should be nerfed, but by "giving" players stronger versions of current weak abilities rather than removing power from the only strong abilities currently available. present not only puts the player in general weakness but also causes the frustration we see on current or anticipatory nerves.

Currently I'm playing an Arc lash wizard with a single ability that uses mana (hydra) with 3 defenses and unstable current. Ultimately, I plan to get rid of the Hydra and instead use all defensive abilities to improve my survivability in the end game content. I've really enjoyed playing this build, but due to previous nerfs and Diablo 4 Gold, I'm concerned about upcoming balance changes that will negatively affect my build, leaving me wondering if I really should play the game until those changes are no longer invested more in my build. current build to eventually have to change it.

I don't use abilities that really require mana because when I first started playing wizards, I tried them and wasn't happy with them. It's really a pain to just use a few abilities and then go around trying to avoid taking too much damage because I've run out of primary resources and don't have the damage to kill all enemies. So if instead of prioritizing things that aren't great, they keep reducing the power of those things, it won't be fun to play in the end.

The "buffs not nerfs" problem is purely a psychological phenomenon. Reducing the nerf to top lane to match the rest of the skills vs nerf buffing to match the top is actually the same when comparing skill power vs skill power. The only difference is the total effectiveness against enemies, which from another perspective means nerfing the best skills, you can find best Diablo IV Boosting service on mmoexp.com, is an overall summoner to the enemy that needs to be addressed if that's the intention of the enemy. Rebalancing.

- Leveling up the worst skills will mean effective nerfs on enemies, as the average build is now stronger. However, the best builds won't see a change in enemy difficulty.

- Nerfing the best skill is a buff for the enemy, period.

- Upgrading lower skills and upgrading enemies is literally equivalent to nerfing skills and keeping enemies the same. Anyone suggesting this has to do with nerves is not thinking critically.

The real issue is variety, which is why choosing a different version in the first place isn't just an aesthetic change of "how I want my screen to look when clicked". Vulnerability is a big deal and it's funny how it happens in almost every game with this kind of good skill.