A Rogue's Journey to Obtain Ruins in WoW


Hey, fellow gamers! Arena Stories here, and today we're diving into the intricate world of World of Warcraft. I've got some valuable tips on how to swiftly acquire seven essential rogue ruins that will enhance your gameplay. Whether you're into PvE, PvP, or just want to be the stealthy master of your own destiny, these ruins are a must-have for any rogue out there.

Saber Slash in Shadow Fang Keep

Our journey begins in the ominous Shadow Fang Keep (SFK), where we'll unlock the Saber Slash ruin. Positioned in front of a bridge, a rusty chest hides the key to this ruin. Sprint, jump, and navigate your way to the ledge to access the chest. Once opened, the Saber Slash ruin will be yours – a straightforward and easy acquisition.

Deadly Poison Ruin

Next up is the Deadly Poison ruin, found near SFK in a small house. Open the Dead Drop chest to initiate a quest that takes you to Stone Talon Mountain. After pickpocketing an NPC and completing a series of tasks, you'll acquire a breaching charge. Solo your way back into SFK, use the charge on the door, and face special NPCs to obtain the ruin. Be cautious, and consider using stealth talents if below level 23.

Envenom Ruin

Heading to Hillsbrad, specifically Duran Hold Keep, you'll discover the Envenom ruin. A hidden NPC named Chris Legus holds a clue that leads you on a lengthy journey. Follow the stream uphill north of Alterac Mountains, and after a considerable run, open a rusty safe lock at the end of a river to claim your Envenom ruin.

Between the Eyes Ruin

For PvP enthusiasts, the Between the Eyes ruin is a necessity. Pickpocket an NPC to obtain the Shipwreck Key, allowing access to a chest in a shipwreck. Located near the sea, this ruin serves as a replacement for Kidney Shot. Obtain it easily within the leveling area, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Mutilation Ruin

Mutilation, a crucial ruin for both PvE and dungeons, can be acquired by pickpocketing Captain Melich at Scarlet Watch Post. Complete the associated quest to obtain a ring, then use it in the Brill town hall to spawn an NPC who will grant you the Mutilation ruin.

Shadow Strike Ruin

The Shadow Strike ruin is perhaps the easiest to acquire, as it's granted at level two. A simple quest requires you to either kill or pickpocket an NPC, making it an accessible and early addition to your rogue's repertoire.

And there you have it, fellow rogues – a comprehensive guide on acquiring essential ruins to elevate your WoW gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your rogue journey, these ruins will prove invaluable in different aspects of the game. Remember to plan your route carefully, use stealth wisely, and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering your rogue abilities.

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