All Madden 17 Franchise

MaddenVip - All Madden 17 Franchise: Which QB to Start?I acquire a QB altercation on my aggregation afterwards a draft. Both are Rookies

QB 1: Accustomed Dev: Age 24, 80 OVR, 93 THP, 85 Speed, 85 Acceleration, Has bigger average accuracy

QB 2: Superstar Dev: Age 22,78 OVR, 90 THP, air-conditioned apathetic at running, has bigger abbreviate accuracy

I acquire been arena both through the aboriginal 5 amateur and QB 1 has 8 TDs and 5 Ints(with 3 passes chock-full at the 1 that became vultured). QB 2 has 1 TD and 6 INTs. It seems like mathematically this could be a ablution aback THP is so big-ticket

to akin vs how abundant it would yield to get QB1 to quick or superstar. Thoughts?

The superstar one is two years adolescent so if you plan on him by the time he's 24 he'll be bigger than the added guy.

That is a acceptable point. I anticipate he can according him in Throwing stats, but he will acceptable consistently be a berg I think. Has anyone anytime apparent A+ bandy ability in a adaptable QB?

I additional starting the 22 yr old. 2 years adolescent with SS affection will be able to body a lot faster. In my opinion, acceleration for a QB agency complete little. No bulk the speed, QBs are complete apathetic in the pocket.

There is maybe 4 humans on the aggregation annual befitting continued term. Corey Coleman, Jamie Collins, Kirksey, and Joe Thomas. Joe Haden and Gary Barnidge are both accepting old.

I acquire been cerebration about starting a Browns Franchise, but afresh I anticipate that's cheap. So, instead, I'm cerebration about bringing the 49ers of old aback (the absolutism era of San Francisco). Ability move them to Mexico City sometime, but idk yet...

Crowell and Johnson are a acceptable one two at RB. Danny Shelton and ogbah are acceptable on defense. You absolutely alone charge a accessory with them tbh.

The Bears. It's kinda like the Cowboys wherein you acquire big QB bacon asleep weight. The Saints acquire added adolescent aptitude and a large, but disposable,Madden NFL 17 Coins contract.