​Be far from the biggest issue with Madden 23


Football is a completely different sport from basketball or baseball that have officials on the field. It's not a matter of brainwashing. The umpires as well as NBA refs are a part of every play, pitch, foul, shot, and without them being visible on the screen, it would not work.

In the case of football, not being able to see players playing on the field during play is less painful than other sports. It's so fast you're not able to pay attention. The only thing they do during a show is stand or walk across the field, something is all you are able to focus on when you are playing.

It's just not significant enough to me to get upset about it. If they were to remove umpires on The Show, then I'd have a big problem due to what I said earlier.

If this can make me think that I am brainwashed, then well done, EA.

I'm sure you cleared this out later However, I think it's a highly subjective issue. I personally observe the refs on the field almost every time. I observe the officials when watching baseball, football and basketball, for instance.

Strangely enough, the only sport I watch and typically avoid officials the most in is hockey, despite the fact that their actions are impressive at times.

I'm sure we all have our own goals in Madden and to others players, no referees are something they might not consider, and when they do, they're not bothered about.

I often wish that I were among those however that's not the way I'm wired. I'm the type of person who wants as authentic as I can get and having refs missing is a problem that I have to deal with every year and is something I'm constantly aware of. I'm not even used it , but I do. There are too many occasions when I'll play in the next year's the same franchise, and I'll be there for no reason glance around to see that there aren't any officials, and be a bit annoyed at every turn.

It's certainly not the main problem with Madden 23 however it's one of those minor issues that are compounded by other inconsistencies or things that aren't of the highest quality and make the experience less enjoyable than it actually is. Poor presentation, horrendous cuts, the absence of real-time presentation as well as the terrible camera angles during play and replays, as well as the absence of official officials... everything is a lot of things that make the experience less enjoyable This is a big problem since I think Madden is making progress in the last few years since the current generation of consoles came out.

If the whole Madden package could replicate the level of play in the beta refs, then refs would become something to be considered and the overall experience could be fantastic, but it's not the case currently. While there is a lot Madden does very well, there are a lot of additional things that are being done poorly or simply lacking.

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