​Be going with my complete attacking ownership


I'm going with my complete attacking ownership now. If a person desires to test, that is what I use 4231narrow (+ co-op digital digicam to play the last posession sport)

Press on heavy contact (spark off crew press pretty frequently)

50 width

90 intensity


60 width

6 gamers in field

ST: get in in the back of, live foreward

each extensive CAM: loose roam

crucial CAM: loose roam + get into field

one CDM: cowl middle + get foreward

one CDM: cowl middle + live lower back (in reality I use him to assault too )

LB+RB: default (spark off "be a part of assault" on Dpad nearly usually. Deactivate past due ingame while maintaining a lead)

GK: sweeper + comes for crosses

Be warned: It could be very attacking and really very inclined at the counter and at the wings due to the fact all people is attacking. Everyone!

Play it safe, play unpredictable, take te foot of the gas, hardly ever dash in buildup,...

The  CDM and the CAM ought to have 30+ passes every sport and infrequently if ever have much less than 28 or 29 out of 30 comlpleted. Almost each sport I misplaced I had decrease passing numbers in midfield. Almost each win I had 30+passes. The extensive CAMs, the fullbacks and the ST ought to have 20-25 passes every.

Aiming for 60% posession towards common and top gamers, even greater towards awful gamers. Dont fear approximately the actual top gamers as they'll break you the use of that tactic (however they could besides, proper?)

Use triangles withinside the middle, however dont neglect about your extensive gamers. Most 4231 customers hardly ever use their extensive gamers, I do.

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I assume selecting the proper gamers is vital. Playing a passing sport desires top passers, proper? And as all people is attacking, all people desires top completing. Even the fullbacks.