Complete passes into the zones


Am I the alone one who hates mid advance events? 3 drops in a row (2 from Gronk). Multiple sacks afore any of the receivers accept even started their breaks. The fullback all-overs out of the breadth to accomplish the catch.

I don't get it. Is there some ambush I'm missing? This is ridiculous.

Only do the coil routes on the outside, and if one isn't accessible try the added one. That's the aboriginal abode I look. The problem, even if it's open, there are generally 3 defenders in the backfield afore they alpha the curl.

It's fucking annoying. Idk why they can't just accept a accidental play for anniversary go instead of this one play.I forgot about the canyon interference. The FB accepting afraid up at the LOS and/or the TE accepting captivated up by the assurance in actuality banned your options.

When it is the one breadth you can canyon to any of the zones, I consistently lob it to my WR1. Just tap appropriate afore he brings to stop and turn.

If you ammo canyon it goes appropriate by him, but if you lob it 90% of the time he catches it. Even if he is bifold covered.

Most of the time if I see "Complete passes into the zones" or something similar, I just aeon my eyes alive it's traveling to be Mid Attack.

I don't accept why you accept to use a play that you can't use in an absolute game, which I wouldn't use even if I could because how abominable it is.

I just adulation accepting affected to bandy into bifold coverage, Madden 17 Coins or accepting to bandy to FB alone to see the canyon hit one of the linemen and abatement to the arena in affecting fashion.

TL;DR Mid Advance sucks, mix it up EA.