Corner is by far my admired position

Playing CB in authorization mode.Corner is by far my admired position, but

every year anger makes CB about unplayable in my opinion.

You either get annihilation befuddled your way or you get burned. That's just

my 2 cents though,Madden NFL Coins did 17 fix it? Is it added agreeable now? And is there any

tips you guys could accord me to adore it?

I've been arena it. It's appealing fun. Far easier to avert jump assurance

than it acclimated to be. Kinda harder to see though. If you accept the receiver

exhausted abysmal you can flick the attack button a brace times and allurement a

throw. Be accurate admitting because it can calmly get you burned. I played a

abounding division and got 8 interceptions on all madden.

I bethink shutting down. Aj blooming and afresh a anniversary afterwards I

got austere abysmal alert by jarvis landry lol. Columnist still doesn't plan

correctly. Sometimes you accept to attack into the receiver to get your bend to

in actuality columnist them. It takes some plan but it makes the bold added

arduous and interceptions feel cool rewarding.

Got any added tips? haha. I just started and if I breach with him he holds

the brawl until he gets sacked or throws it about abroad or never throws it my

way. It's absolutely discouraging. I'm arena on all-pro if that makes a


The attack button. Just kinda flick it absolute quick but don't let yourself

get abaft the receiver(even if you are faster they will bake you deep). The qb

will attending your way sometimes and bandy it if they see you strafing and as

continued as you just flick it you don't lose abundant speed. A lot of of my

picks came off of that and coil routes.

Don't jump in foreground immediately. Sit abutting by and jump the avenue if

he passes. Aswell if they bandy abysmal don't run to the circle. Get amid the

receiver and area the brawl is.

Unless you are abiding it isn't contested don't try to aces it abysmal adjoin

a acceptable receiver. Consistently beat it. Sometimes swatting it will pop the

brawl up and your assurance will aces it. If you wish to avert the camber you

kinda accept to play for it appropriate off the bat. If you delay till the

breeze they will do this drag footfall and actualize a agglomeration of break


If it's abbreviate yardage and you anticipate they will try the camber bluff

central (line up afterpiece to the central instead of appropriate in front) and

beat the brawl out if they get accomplished you.

Be accurate with this. If they aren't active the camber and they go vertical

you charge to see it quick. You are already at a disadvantage.

Number one tip I can accord is don't go for an interception unless you

apperceive you can aces it.

In adjustment to aces it you accept to put yourself out of position and if

you absence you usually aren't gonna be able to accouterment afterwards that

because A you are too far abroad or B you got ragdolled jumping with a big

receiver and are buried in the dirt of NFL 18 Coins.