​D2R Season 3 needs new incentives


Here are the reasons Ladder should be popular:

- Ladder exclusives.

Chance to collect FG to gather FG JSP.

New problems.

So far, the ladder exclusives haven't really been exciting. They're new 2.4 runewords haven't been a huge hit. The drop rates of sun-dered charms have lowered the cost of sundered charms until they're nearly useless (they're so inexpensive, you can purchase some of the lesser ones for less than NL Ist on JSP).

If Blizzard does not provide a compelling incentive to players to use Ladder and its players, it will fall out of favor among players. Season 3 and beyond will require an final game Ladder exclusives such as Infinity to encourage players to get on Ladder and put their efforts into something.

It is obvious that Ladder will begin to flounder based on JSP price movements. Many people panic and sell all their HRs to NL to get enough money to fund their Ladder runs the HR price goes up and Ladder HRs become astronomically expensive at the beginning.

But as ladder reset deadline approaches, ladder prices drop below NL. This shouldn't happen. In fact, HR costs should rise as reset deadlines approach, since individuals should be making all Ladder exclusive runewords as they could prior to the reset.

However, as the challenge of Ladder reset approach the excitement dwindles and people are able to turn off from Ladder.

This isn't a live game, or even something similar to CoD as well as OW to keep players on the ladders.

D2 Ladder has exclusive runewords and cube recipe recipes The progress of the ladder can be reset to make way for a the new ladder.

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