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Dark and Darker is a popular dungeon game but it also happens to be one the most difficult dungeon games out there so it is quite normal to get defeat on your first few runs. Therefore, you must learn about the basics of Dark and Darker to increase your chances of winning the battle. This is the ultimate beginner guide that features information about everything from classes to perks and skills, maps, objectives, gear, etc.

Dark and Darker Beginner's Guide - Maddenvip.com

1.Pick a Class

When you start the game, you'll have to pick a class. Eight different classes are available. After you pick a class, you can finally enter the lobby and each lobby is limited to eight players only. Here is the list of all the available classes in Dark and Darker.









Thanks to the role-playing class system in Dark and Darker, melee and ranged characters are available in this list. These classes deal physical and magical damage to enemies. If you pick the fighter, barbarian, or rogue class, you'll be able to deal melee damage to enemies. you can deal magic damage to enemies by becoming a wizard. The cleric class is a combination of melee and magical damage. The Ranger shoots arrows at enemies from a distance. One of the best classes for new players is the fighter class. It is a well-balanced class that uses a sword and shield.

2.Equip Skills and Perks

Dark and Darker features both skills and perks. Perks are passive abilities while skills are active abilities. You can choose two skills and one perk. To activate these perks and skills, you need to press Q and E keys. Each class in Dark and Darker has different skills and perks. To go to the perks and skills menu, you need to first choose a class. As a beginner, your main focus should be to pick skills and perks that increase your damage-dealing abilities and heal you when you receive damage. If you have chosen the fighter class, one of the best skills to go with is the second wind. This skill will help you in recovering fifty percent of your lost health.


Leveling is very important especially for beginners in Dark and Darker as it will unlock new perk slots for them. To level up your character, you need to complete some tasks such as killing enemies, going to shrines, escaping dungeons, and opening chests. New perks will unlock at level five, level ten, and level fifteen. These slots will take the power of your character to a new level. You can pay a fee of twenty-five gold coins at level fifteen to unlock the trade guild. This enables you to purchase items from other players and sell your items as well.

4.Get Gear

Inside a dungeon, you'll find chests where you can look for gear, weapons, and armor pieces. If you find any gear, equip it instead of storing it in the bag. This way, you can get a boost and perform better. Use Dark and Darker gold coins to get healing items and other useful stuff from the market. If you die, you'll lose everything but when you start a new game. You'll have the default gear of your class equipped. If you’re going in a dungeon with a team, have a cleric on your team to get the healing effect.


Dark and Darker Objectives

The main objective in Dark and Darker is to escape from a dungeon. This is important especially for beginners as you can’t escape a dungeon like how you entered. Instead, you have to wait for some time and use items. When you start, you'll be dropped into a dungeon filled with tens of different enemies. You need to fight these enemies or avoid them and loot chests before finally escaping the dungeon. To escape a dungeon, portals are available. There is a timer in each dungeon and if you don’t escape before the timer runs out, you have to restart again. Your character will be killed and you'll lose all the loot. You can find the timer on the right side of the screen.

There is a safe zone in Dark and Darker which will get smaller as time goes by. A death swarm will cover the map and those who are in this swarm will receive damage. This swarm can also kill them if they stay there for too long. Your job is to move towards the middle of the map. There, you'll find some portal stones. These portal stones will help you escape the dungeon easily. You just have to open the right portal. A red and a blue portal is available in the safe zone and your target is to open the blue portal as the red portal will take you to boss level. For beginners, avoiding the red portal is important.