Diablo 4 The Broken Bear Side Quest Guide


The map in Diablo 4 is divided into five locations, including the Fractured peaks. This is the location that you'll see in Act 1 of the Diablo 4 quest list. This is an icy barren location that features a large part of the game story. There are more than thirty-five different side quests in these peaks that you can complete. You can earn renown, gold, and experience points by completing these side quests. To start these quests, you'll have to meet with NPCs. In this guide, you'll learn everything about the broken bear side quest and how you can complete it to earn rewards.

What is the Broken Bear quest?

The Broken Bear is a secret Scosglen quest in Diablo 4. To complete this quest, you have to find the broken bear totem on the game map. Once you have found this totem, just go to the Wraithstead region and find artair to hand it over to him. This way, the totem will be completed. The biggest mistake that players make is that they start the broken bear quest early in the game. You don't have to deal with any dungeons or strongholds to complete or unlock this quest.

Well, you don't have to do that as it will become difficult for you to complete it. Instead, you should complete some main storyline quests to earn rewards, as well as also complete some side quests before jumping to the broken bear quest. It is a difficult quest as the Scosglen region is quite big, and the totem that you need to find is dropped by a specific enemy. You'll have to defeat the enemy by finding him to get the totem.

How to start the Broken Bear quest?

Just like all the other quests in Diablo 4, the Broken Bear quest also has some requirements that you need to complete before. The first requirement is to complete the second act of the story campaign. Along with this, you also have to complete a separate questline called the First Among Wolves. When you complete this questline, a new non-playing character called Artair will be unlocked. This character is essential for the broken bear side quest.

Once you have completed these requirements, it is time to start the real quest. You have to find a blue exclamation mark in the Tirmair region near the waypoint. This indicates side quests. Start the broken bear side quests by going to this waypoint. You also have to finish two more quests, as these quests help you in locating broken pieces on the map. These quests are A different beast quest and the wrong hands' quest.

Once you have completed these quests and met all the other requirements, go to the Highland wilds and westering lowlands to kill any grizzly bears that you find there. These two locations are the subregions of the Scosglen. By killing those bears, you can get a broken bear totem. The only grinding that you have to do in the broken bear quest is killing bears to get the totem. Finding these grizzly bears is difficult, so good luck with that. Completing this quest without totems is impossible.

How to find Artair?

Once you have found the broken bear totem, you need to go to the Wraithstead region. This region is located on the eastern side of Cerrigar. There, you have to find Artair and hand the broken bear totem to him. He will recognize the totem that is dropped by a grizzly bear, and he is aware of the true power of this totem. In the wrong hands, this totem can cause a lot of destruction.

The quest requires you to get rid of this totem to save the sanctuary from this destruction. To dispose of this totem, you have to follow proper rituals. Once you have broken this totem following the ritual, Artair will share the good news with you, and this will bring an end to the broken bear quest.

What are the rewards of the Broken Bear quest?

As you know that the broken bear quest is located in the Scosglen region, so you will get renown points for this region only when you complete this quest. The reward for this quest is twenty renown points. Along with these renowned points, you also get gold coins and experience points. The biggest reward for completing this quest is the Elixir cache. This cache features various potions. When you open this cache, you'll get a variety of different options, including the popular healing potion that will heal you when you lose health on the battlefield. The experience points that you'll get as a reward for completing this quest depend on the current level of your character. And if you want to complete your quests quickly and safely, you can choose MMOexp's Diablo 4 Boosting service; if you want more Diablo 4 Gold and Diablo IV Items, you can also buy them directly from MMOexp.com, simply and professionally. Happy gaming.