EA FC 24: Top 10 Meta Attacking Tricks


Welcome to another FC 24 attacking tutorial, where we'll unveil the top 10 meta attacking tricks that are making this game a true challenge for defenders. From crossing to precision passing and finesse shots, we'll explore these game-changing techniques that will help you become a formidable force in FC 24. Win more tournaments, accumulate more FC 24 Coins and get ahead of more players.

The Overpowered Cross:

The cross is arguably one of the most overpowered attacking techniques in FC 24. At the moment, it's extremely difficult for defenders to stop, making it a go-to strategy for many players. To perform a deadly cross, follow these steps:

Observe your winger or player's positioning.
Ensure there's space in front of the ball holder.
Hold the square or X button with three to four bars of power.
Aim towards the space in front of the running player.
Finish with a first-time strike or a controlled shot.
The combination of the fast ball movement, accuracy, and smart player runs makes crossing a potent weapon.


Exploiting Defensive Depth:

If your opponent's depth is set above 45, your players tend to push up, leaving space behind. By identifying this space and switching the play to exploit it, you can create numerous goal-scoring opportunities. The shifting fullbacks create a perfect setting for deadly crosses and shots.


The Power of Pace:

Pace is a game-changer in FC 24. It's a nightmare for defenders when attackers get behind the backline. Utilize sprinting and boost your player's speed by releasing the ball while sprinting with L2 or RT and directing the left analog stick. This burst of speed is invaluable for counterattacks and overwhelming your opponent's defense.


Precision Passing:

Precision passing is a game-changing feature in FC 24. There are two types: Precision Through Pass and Lobbed Precision Pass. These passes allow you to create chances and outsmart your opponents. The key is to have space and aim your passes accurately to your intended receiver.


Mastering the Finesse Shot:

Finesse shots are a powerful way to convert chances into goals. To execute a finesse shot, position your player diagonally towards the goal and then press both R1 or RB and Circle or B, with three to four bars of power. A well-timed finesse shot can be devastating, particularly inside the box.


The German Cross:

The German Cross is another overpowered mechanic in FC 24. It allows you to cross the ball without advancing too far down the pitch. To execute a German Cross, send a player with composure into the opponent's box, perform the cross, and your player will be positioned to receive it. This technique is challenging to defend against, especially against skilled opponents.


Timed Finishing:

Timed finishing adds precision and power to your shots. To utilize this feature, press Circle or B to power up your shot, then press it again just as your player is about to strike the ball. A well-timed shot ensures accuracy and power, making it difficult for the goalkeeper to save.


The Stepovers:

Stepovers are basic skill moves that can be used almost anywhere on the pitch. They're particularly useful for boosting your player's speed and creating opportunities. To perform a stepover, initiate the skill move while your player is in motion. This skill move can be used to accelerate into open spaces or dribble into the opponent's box.


Controlled Sprint:

Controlled Sprint is a powerful dribbling technique. By holding R1 or RB and using the left analog stick, your player will sprint while maintaining close control of the ball. This is an effective way to navigate through defenses and is especially useful when counterattacking.


The Shot Cancel:

Shot cancelling is a sneaky trick to catch goalkeepers off guard. When you find yourself in a challenging angle to beat the keeper, initiate a shot by pressing Circle or B, and then immediately press L2 and R2 or LT and RT to cancel the animation. This will force the goalkeeper to dive, leaving the goal exposed for an easy finish.


Mastering these top 10 meta attacking tricks in FC 24 will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay. Whether it's exploiting crosses, utilizing precision passing, or executing finesse shots, these techniques will make you a formidable force in the game. Remember, practice and timing are key to perfecting these skills, so keep honing your abilities to dominate the pitch. Also, thanks for reading, MMOexp offers you cheap EA FC 24 Coins, FUT 24 Coins and FC 24 Players service. Have a good time gaming.