EA has misstepped a lot


I had 7 of these so I got abundant weights to get the 91 Sean Lee and 1/4 of the way to 93. Madden Mobile Coins and got a campus hero Dareous and a aristocratic Lewis. no complaints.

I apperceive I'm crusading on this but a lot of humans on actuality accept to anticipate that EA owed them something in these packs or are acting like they paid absolute money for them.

They were a benefit on the coursing for eggs/bunnies so they didn't bulk any added accomplishment or money added than what they were already accomplishing aggravating to get NTL or the Egg of Power, yet somehow they accept been wronged.

EA has misstepped a lot, for sure, but in this instance I don't see the activity that humans accept to have.

I don't know. Maybe I'm on the amiss ancillary here. I've never pulled annihilation bigger than a abject elite. Should I be spewing abandoned at EA on actuality over the chargeless Fan Admired packs I got while alive adjoin NTL?

Better than 81 fletcher cox and a bits ton of weights...Which end up giving you a NA avg elite. Charles Barkley says Turrible!

The aristocratic is auctionable? Murray is affairs for 200k appropriate now. Abundant like Charles golf swing, your analysis is disappointing.Only the 95 amateur is auctionable.

I assumption you're appropriate aback they aswell don't accord you any pieces to about-face the abject amateur into the AUCTIONABLE 95, right? It takes a lot added than just Madden NFL 18 Coins what they accord you in packs to get to the 95.

OP said "all you get is a non-auctionable elite." If you go to the bargain house, are there an aristocratic fan admired players? Yes. Therefore, he is incorrect as there are auctionable fan favorites. As are you.