EA Sports FC 24: The Road to Glory Begins


"Welcome to a new episode of my Road to Glory series, boys! If you're looking for cheap and reliable coins, check out MMOexp.com, and use the code exp32p for an extra discount. Today, we're diving into the world of EA Sports FC 24, where we'll explore the journey from the first draft to a fantastic squad for just 50,000-60,000 coins. Let's get started!"

The Early Stages

In this exciting journey through the world of EA Sports FC 24, we begin with a humble start. Our FIFA points come from the Ultimate Edition pre-order, and our XP is earned through a series of matches, most notably a draft. Our first draft in Ultimate Team was a thrilling experience, although the pack luck was not quite on our side, netting us some decent 83, 85-rated players.

The Objective Grind

As any FIFA Ultimate Team player knows, objectives are key to leveling up and earning rewards. We've made significant progress in objectives, which have granted us rewards like loan players, packs, and FC 24 coins. These objectives provide a sense of direction and achievement as we build our team from the ground up.

Building the Foundation

To truly succeed in Ultimate Team, you need a solid foundation. Our early successes allowed us to gather enough coins to begin building a competitive squad. This team includes a mix of young talents and established players, all carefully chosen to fit our style of play.

The Squad

Let's take a closer look at the squad we've assembled. It's a fantastic blend of pace, strength, and skill, all for a budget of just 50,000-60,000 coins.

   • Attack:

       • Black Stannis and Martinelli up front provide pace, power, and finishing.

       • Justin Kluivert on the wing with his 88 pace is a game-changer.

       • Aaron Wan-Bissaka at right-back offers solid defensive support.

   • Defense:

       • Akanji and Konate are a robust center-back pairing.

       • Foyth offers flexibility in defense.

   • Midfield:

       • Lucas Paqueta and Bentancur make for a versatile midfield duo.

       • We've chosen the perfect chemistry styles to maximize their effectiveness.

The Gameplay

In the two matches we've played, the squad has already shown promise. The control dribbling mechanics and the new precision passing have added an exciting dimension to the game. These features have helped us dominate possession, control the midfield, and create numerous goal-scoring opportunities.

Lessons Learned

As we progress in EA Sports FC 24, it's clear that control sprinting is a game-changer this season. It allows us to maintain possession, move the ball effectively, and create goal-scoring chances. We've also adapted our shooting style to account for the changes in player ratings, ensuring we take safer shots.

The Future of EA Sports FC 24

Our journey with EA Sports FC 24 has just begun, but the future looks bright. With a competitive squad assembled on a budget, we're excited to take on more challenges in Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and other game modes. Stay tuned for further updates as we climb the ranks in FIFA Ultimate Team!


As we wrap up this episode of EA Sports FC 24, it's clear that building a competitive squad on a budget is not only possible but also immensely satisfying. With smart choices, effective gameplay, and a bit of luck, we've managed to assemble a team that's ready to take on any opponent. The Road to Glory continues, and we can't wait to see where it leads us next. Thanks for joining us on this journey.