Eden Eternal: Guild Town Deletion


I recently lost control of the guild town I was overseeing, despite logging in the day before with three characters from the guild. According to the NPC "Guild Manager Heldin," this should have met the requirements to maintain the guild town.

Additionally, I noticed that unlike the main server, there is no notification sent via mail when a guild town is at risk of being lost.

While the guild town itself wasn't of utmost importance, I had stored valuable items in the warehouse that were accumulated through hours of gathering. I, along with others, would appreciate clarification on the conditions necessary to keep a guild town active. It would also be helpful to receive a warning mail before a guild town is deleted, providing an opportunity to take action.

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a mail notification regarding the deletion of a guild town, and there is no indication in the game's code suggesting otherwise.

However, there might be some confusion stemming from the message that appears in World Chat when a guild town is about to be confiscated. The message reads as follows: "Guild GUILD_NAME's Town is about to be confiscated due to insufficient membership. Anyone interested in taking over, please find the guild administrator to apply." This message has remained consistent for as long as I have been playing, which could contribute to the confusion.

Furthermore, I am confident that the requirement of three active members is functioning correctly. When we created staff towns on the classic server, my colleague Doudou and I conducted tests to ensure its functionality. As long as three unique characters log in after maintenance, the guild town should be secure, as it will not reevaluate the guild's activity until the next maintenance cycle.

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