Elden Ring: How to Maximize Runes with Quick Dragon Kills


Elden Ring, the highly anticipated game from FromSoftware, has captivated players worldwide with its sprawling open world, challenging combat, and intricate lore. With the upcoming DLC release on the horizon, players are eager to delve back into the Lands Between and uncover new secrets. But before you embark on your next journey, why not maximize your character's potential with some quick rune farming?

In this guide, I'll walk you through a simple yet effective method to farm runes early in the game, allowing you to level up your character and gain an edge against formidable foes. With just a bit of preparation and strategy, you'll be able to amass a wealth of Elden Ring runes in no time.

Getting Started:

To begin your rune farming adventure, you'll first need to reach a specific location on the map. Fortunately, this spot is accessible early in the game, requiring only about 15 minutes of travel time from the starting point.

Once you've reached the designated area on the map, it's time to prepare for the rune farming process. Ideally, you'll want to equip a weapon with bleed, as it will significantly enhance your ability to dispatch the target quickly. If you've chosen the samurai class, you'll already have a suitable weapon at your disposal.

The Rune Farming Method:

With your bleed-inflicting weapon in hand, mount your horse and make your way to the dragon's location. Upon encountering the dragon, unleash a flurry of attacks, taking advantage of your weapon's bleed effect to deal substantial damage.

Timing is crucial during this encounter, as you'll want to be prepared for the dragon's demise. As the dragon's health bar dwindles, ensure that your stamina is fully restored to maximize your offensive capabilities.

Once the dragon has been vanquished, swiftly make your way to the opposite side of the area, utilizing your horse to expedite the process. Upon reaching your destination, you'll find a treasure trove of runes waiting to be collected.

The Rewards:

Congratulations! You've successfully harvested a bountiful supply of runes, thanks to your efficient farming method. With just a single kill of the dragon, you can skyrocket your character's level, gaining invaluable stat boosts and newfound strength.

But the rewards don't end there. By exploring the nearby fort, you'll discover a powerful item known as the Dragon Source Seal. This coveted artifact grants significant stat bonuses to your character, further enhancing your combat prowess and increasing your damage output against future adversaries.


In conclusion, mastering the art of rune farming in Elden Ring can provide you with a substantial advantage throughout your journey. By following this simple yet effective method, you can quickly amass runes, level up your character, and acquire powerful artifacts to aid you in your quest.

As you prepare for the upcoming DLC release, remember to utilize all the tools and strategies at your disposal to become a true champion of the Lands Between. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Elden Ring, the thrill of adventure awaits.