Elden Ring: The Enigma of the LampWood and DLC Speculations


Could it be that within the intricate web of Elden Ring's lore lies a connection between the enigmatic tree in the upcoming DLC and the mysterious entity known as the LampWood?

Throughout the game, fragments of information tantalize players with hints about the godskin apostles, the gloom-eyed queen, and the formidable power of black flame magic. Legends speak of Marika, who bravely vanquished the gloom-eyed queen, leading to the sealing away of the source of black flame manipulation.

Among the lore, the role of the Godskin apostles as god reapers stands out, wielding the destructive force of black flame to cull gods as they reached the end of their time. Yet, crucially, the origins of this black flame remain shrouded in mystery. Was the gloom-eyed queen truly its source, or did Marika's actions seal away something more primal?

Delving deeper, the lore unveils the existence of the death birds, descendants of the Twinbird—an envoy of an outer god—tasked with performing solemn death rituals, wielding the ethereal power of ghostflame.

Enter the LampWood, a mystical entity responsible for guiding departed spirits to the afterlife through a light akin to the Erdtree's grace. However, its guidance was reserved for those granted a "Death in Battle," leaving a void for those who met their demise under different circumstances, a void potentially filled by the Tibia Mariners.

Elden Ring: The Enigma of the LampWood and DLC Speculations

Curiously, Marika's aversion to flame suggests a deeper connection between her and the LampWood. Could it be that the LampWood was not only the progenitor of various flames but also the architect of the Giant's flame itself?

Proposing a daring theory, could the tree in the DLC be the fabled LampWood, sealed away by Marika before the Erdtree's creation? Did Marika's victory over the gloom-eyed queen pave the way for the Erdtree's transformative power, granting rebirth to all life, not just those fallen in battle?

Furthermore, speculation intertwines with Mesmer's involvement, potentially aligning him with the gloom-eyed queen and leading to yet another defeat.

Intriguingly, observations within the game, such as the black flame animation when wielding Maliketh's black blade, hint at deeper connections between characters and forces. Could Miyazaki's deliberate inclusion of such details foreshadow the pivotal role of Maliketh's power in sealing away the black flame?

An additional conjecture arises from Maliketh's actions during the encounter, suggesting a potential breaking of seals that could open pathways to the shadow lands and the mysterious new tree.

In the ever-expanding tapestry of Elden Ring's lore, the conjecture surrounding the LampWood and the forthcoming DLC presents a captivating enigma. As players eagerly anticipate further revelations, the tantalizing threads of speculation continue to weave a narrative both beguiling and complex. And you can get cheap Elden Ring RunesElden Ring Items quickly from mmoexp.com, follwow us and get the latest Elden Ring DLC news.