Elden Ring Torches-Only Challenge: Beta Billy's Epic Triumph


In the vast and challenging world of Elden Ring, where players face formidable enemies and colossal bosses,  defeating the entire game using only torches. This article delves into Beta Billy's epic journey, showcasing his encounters, struggles, and triumphant victories as he navigated the mystical lands armed with nothing but the flickering flame of a torch.

The Unlikely Quest Begins:

Embarked on his torch-only adventure after successfully defeating Margaret and Godric. Determined to conquer the entire game using this unconventional approach, he faced various adversaries with confidence and humor.

The Hogwarts Misadventure:

Navigating through the game, Stumbled upon a Hogwarts-like setting, only to find himself facing unexpected challenges. Battling against dogs and clowns, he demonstrated both skill and humor in overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. However, the torch's limitations became apparent, as struggled to stagger opponents with his fiery weapon.

Encounters with General Radon:

The difficulty, decided to take on General Radon under-leveled with a mere +12 torch and no summons. Despite the odds, he showcased resilience and determination. The torch-only strategy, while unconventional, proved effective, as emerged victorious in the face of what many would consider an easy boss.

Ghost Flame Torch and the Consequential Encounter:

To enhance his arsenal, sought the Ghost Flame Torch, a unique weapon dealing both physical and magical damage with Frost buildup. The pursuit of this torch led to encounters with challenging foes, adding another layer of complexity to the torch-only run. Determination shone through as he overcame these obstacles and acquired the Ghost Flame Torch.

The Rise of the Torch's Power:

Armed with the Ghost Flame Torch, Beta Billy set out to further empower his torch, investing in the smithing process to elevate its capabilities. The torch's prowess increased, and confidence soared, setting the stage for more ambitious battles ahead.

The Grand Lift, Fire Giant, and John Cena's Surprise:

As progressed, facing adversaries like the Fire Giant, unexpected challenges arose. The Grand Lift and the enigmatic John Cena made their appearances, adding an element of surprise and humor to the torch-only journey. Despite the setbacks, maintained his determination and humor throughout these encounters.

The Six-Hour Duel with Gods Can Duo:

One of the most formidable challenges torch-only quest was the Gods Can Duo. Spending a staggering six and a half hours battling these formidable foes, demonstrated exceptional perseverance and ingenuity. Even resorting to sleep pots, he finally achieved victory after countless deaths, proving that even the toughest challenges could be overcome with determination.

Triumphant Finale and Unforeseen Glitches:

With a torch in hand and a spirit unbroken, faced Gideon and other adversaries, showcasing the effectiveness of his torch-only strategy. However, unforeseen glitches added an extra layer of complexity, forcing them to adapt by placing the torch in his off-hand. Despite these challenges, continued his triumphant march towards the game's showdown.

The Final Showdown: Radagon and the Elden Beast:

In the epic culmination of his torch-only challenge, faced Radagon and the Elden Beast. The final bosses proved to be a formidable test, but the torch-wielding hero, emerged victorious, securing his place as a Giga chat in the Elden Ring universe.


Torch-only journey through Elden Ring is a testament to the creativity and resilience of gamers. Overcoming challenges, facing glitches, and triumphing against powerful foes, adventure captured the essence of gaming as a form of art and personal achievement. As the torch's flame flickered brightly in the face of adversity, legend as an Elden Ring torch-wielding hero will undoubtedly inspire gamers for years to come.

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