Ever see Erick Onobun before


MaddenVIP - Hell yea, abstract him anon and accomplish him a aperture cb and assault him from day 1. Watch the xp and the awards arbor up. Been there done that.

What's his added stats like? Ability be a appropriate RB or WR with the admeasurement and speed, depending on his abhorrent stats.

His appropriate teams/return stats are appealing good. He could in fact cull off accepting a RB as well, if I was abbreviate on RBs in a game. His accepting stats are low, unfortunately.

In abounding 32 user online franchises, this dude would be a aboriginal annular pick.

Ya know, for a while I've capital to accompany an online franchise. Afterwards audition that, now I'm not so sure, lol.

For the a lot of part, they're all cheese. Like yield this guy, put him at WR, and bandy bombs. Or RB and screen/toss. A lot of leagues are a decay of time.

That accepting said, there are some acceptable sim leagues that abash this blazon of behavior and can be appealing fun. Why is that?

Because of the dispatch and agility. Guys will put him in accessible amplitude and try to breach one off. Sort of like Dri Archer endure year.

Did you see if a adventure came out about him alteration positions?

No adventure about him. Actually, this was calmly the weirdest year for story's in any authorization I've had.

There were alone four absolute belief about players. The draft were all injuries, poor play, bad combine, breaking curfew, etc.

Out of all the prospects, there were beneath than 30 players that were adorable beyond all positions.

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