Everything you need to know at Throne and Liberty Launching Showcase


Throne and Liberty, the highly anticipated game by NCSoft, is poised to make its debut in Korea on December 7th. To provide a sneak peek into the immersive world awaiting players, the developers organized a Launching Showcase that not only showcased the game's features but also emphasized the player-driven narrative at its core.

Everything you need to know at Throne and Liberty Launching Showcase

Project Director Jong-ok Ahn set the tone by expressing that Throne and Liberty isn't merely a predefined story but rather an endless tale shaped by the actions of its players. This dynamic approach promises a gaming experience where choices have consequences, creating a unique journey for every individual.

The Showcase delved into the intricate details of the game's environment, highlighting the influence of weather on both the surroundings and battles. Weather effects, such as rain and snow, were presented as more than visual aesthetics – they have the potential to alter the course of conflicts. Moreover, terrain variations and celestial events like solar eclipses were unveiled as impactful variables, ensuring that each encounter unfolds in unexpected ways.

One of the standout features showcased by Jong-ok was the ability to ride flying whales, allowing players to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Throne and Liberty. This adds an element of grandeur to the game, giving players the means to traverse the expansive world in style.

Addressing concerns about the game's adaptation to the Western market, Jong-ok clarified that changes, particularly the removal of autohunting and lootboxes, were driven by feedback from beta testers rather than market considerations. This player-centric approach underscores NCSoft's commitment to delivering a game tailored to the preferences of its audience.

The elimination of autohunting was accompanied by a significant reduction in the time required for character growth. Reaching the maximum level now demands only a fraction of the time it once did, with the emphasis shifting to manual play. To accommodate casual players, the developers ensured that dedicating one or two hours a day would allow them to reach the level cap within a month.

Content rearrangement played a crucial role in enhancing the player experience. By moving later-level content closer to the beginning, players gain access to a more diverse range of experiences early in their journey. This strategic adjustment aims to captivate players from the outset, ensuring a captivating and varied gaming experience.

Throne and Liberty boasts an array of raids, with a focus on both PvE and PvPvE encounters. The latter primarily unfolds in the open world, featuring challenges like Field Boss Raids and Archbosses. Guild raids represent a PvE-specific raid type, offering unique rewards that cannot be sold on the marketplace; they are exclusively player-bound, fostering a sense of camaraderie among guild members.

In anticipation of its release on December 7th, Throne and Liberty has opened pre-registration for Korean participants. This step allows eager players to secure their spot in the game's launch and be among the first to embark on the epic adventures that await within the realms of Throne and Liberty. Now, although it is still some time before the release of Throne and Liberty, MMOexp has provided players with cheap Throne and Liberty Lucent to ensure that players can quickly have a good gaming experience in the early stages of the game's release.