Exploring Taming and Breeding Horses in Myth of Empires 1.0


Seeking insights from experienced players:

1, Is there a technique to prolong the time spent on a horse before it becomes too angry and throws you off during the mini-games? It seems that regardless of performance in the mini-games, the anger bar fills up rapidly after a few attempts. Any tips to manage this?

2, When breeding horses, is it advisable to immediately breed them or to first level them up to unlock previously locked traits? What's the preferred approach among seasoned breeders?

3, Regarding breeding, is it common practice to breed father and daughter horses, or does this potentially have negative consequences despite the pedigree being visible? Any insights on this breeding strategy?

4, Are there any lesser-known factors crucial for successful taming and breeding that are often overlooked? Any advice or tips that you'd like to share based on your experience?

We appreciate your assistance in providing updated information, as the game may have evolved since earlier sources.

Feedback from Mathraan:

1, After the third berserk mini-game, it's advisable to dismount the horse, leaving it at around 50 or 51% anger. Attempting to ride it above 50% anger may hinder obedience. Waiting briefly before re-mounting when the anger is just under 50% is recommended.

2, Breeding random horses to sell instantly has proven lucrative, with offspring reaching quality levels of 78 - 82 and fetching considerable prices in the market.

3, Breeding two horses of moderate quality resulted in offspring reaching quality levels as high as 80 after several generations, indicating potential for quality improvement over time through successive breeding.

4, Careful selection of desired traits is paramount when breeding. It's advisable to read and note preferred traits, then seek out horses with those specific traits in the market for breeding purposes, as taming them oneself can be unpredictable.

Additional tips:

- Maintaining passively tamed horses in the stable can steadily increase proficiency over time.

- During horse training, if undesirable traits are encountered, it's possible to cancel the training without losing progress, deselect the unwanted traits, and resume training in pursuit of favorable random traits.

- Consider the cultural significance of colors; red signifies positive/gain, while green signifies negative/loss in Chinese culture, which may influence trait interpretation during gameplay.

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