​Gordon Dragon's Replica Build: A Comprehensive Guide


We're talking about the Gordon Dragon's replica build, also known as The Dragon. Gordon Dragon is a well-known basketball player who has played for multiple teams throughout his career, but the version we are going to create is the Miami Heat version. He is a left-handed point guard with number two weight and height, and we will keep the wingspan default. The body shape will be defined, but you can choose any body shape that you want.

Let's talk about the stats. The close shot is going all the way up to 93, which is excellent. With an 89 driving layup, you can get slithery on gold and acrobat on gold. The driving dunk is only 37, and your post control is 31, which means this build is not a high dunker. However, you get Hall of Fame Fearless Finisher and Giant Slayer, which are essential for driving layups.

The build shoots lights out, with a 92 three-ball, 81 mid-range shot, and an 80 free throw. You will be able to get Hall of Fame Green Machine, Space Creator, and Mini Magician, which are some really good badges. You will also have 25 badges in total to choose from, including Limitless Range on gold and Blinders on gold.

Now, let's talk about ball handling. You have to get the 92 ball handle, which will give you that Trey Young and Steph Curry size up, 75 ball speed with ball to give you the Michael Jordan dribble style, and an 82 pass accuracy. You will have 21 play-making badge points, which include Quick First Step, Hall of Fame Unpluckable on gold, Hyperdrive Hall of Fame, the most broken badge on the game at Gold, and Plant Breaker, Handles for Days on Silver.

You will be able to dribble, fade, shoot threes all day, and then be able to get to the basket with these Hall of Fame layup badges. Defensively, this build is above average, with 81 perimeter defense, 77 steals, 32 blocks, 30 offensive rebounds, and 43 defensive rebounds. You will have 15 defensive badges to work with and remember, your primary defense is also associated with your lateral quickness, which is pretty decent.

The build has an 85 speed and 87 acceleration, 39 strength, 67 vertical, and 90s stamina, making it an extremely solid build. You can go with shot creating, sharp, lock, or playmaking. I would go with my Limitless range and pull-up precision, which will allow you to fade and shoot from deep.

In conclusion, Gordon Dragon's replica build is one of the better replicas builds that we have in the game, and if you're someone who's okay with no dunking, this build is perfect for you. It's all about playstyle and preference. You can make this build any way you want, but make sure to keep in mind the essential badges and stats. So that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed this guide, and I'll see you in the next one. Follow maddenvip news more if you like it. Welcome, to buy NBA 2K23 MT, Diablo 4 gold, FIFA 23 Coins, Madden 23 Coins, or OSRS/RS3 Gold you need in our Cooperation/Recommend Sites!