Guide to Uber Boss Farming in Path of Exile: Divines Tier List


If you're an avid Path of Exile player looking to challenge yourself and maximize your profits, tackling Uber bosses is an exciting endeavor. However, not all Uber bosses are created equal, and some offer better rewards and a more manageable experience than others. In this guide, we'll provide you with a Divines Tier List for Uber boss farming, based on personal opinions and experiences.

Guide to Uber Boss Farming in Path of Exile: Divines Tier List

E Tier: Uber Sirus

Uber Sirus, the Conqueror of the Atlas, finds itself at the bottom of our tier list. This boss fight is notorious for its high difficulty level and complex mechanics. It requires precision and a deep understanding of the fight mechanics to succeed. The rewards for defeating Uber Sirus are underwhelming compared to the effort required, making it not recommended for most players.

D Tier: Uber Cortex

Uber Cortex, the boss encounter accessed through the Cortex map, lands in the D tier. While it offers a unique challenge and an opportunity to test your skills, the rewards are generally not worth the risk and effort. The drop rates for valuable items are relatively low, resulting in limited profit potential. Unless you're specifically seeking a challenge or enjoy the encounter mechanics, it's advisable to focus on other Uber bosses.

C Tier: Uber Elder of Worlds

The Uber Elder of Worlds can be a lucrative boss to farm, but it comes with its fair share of risks. The fight requires mastery of the Elder and Shaper mechanics, and a well-optimized build is crucial for success. While the loot drops can be rewarding, you might face occasional losses due to the risky nature of the encounter. If you're willing to take on the challenge and have a solid strategy in place, farming the Uber Elder of Worlds can be a reasonably profitable option.

B Tier: Uber Searing Xar

Uber Searing Xar, the boss found within the Absence of Value and Meaning map, earns a spot in the B tier. This boss provides a fast farming experience with potential rewards, but it also carries certain risks. The encounter demands quick reflexes and a focused playstyle. While the profit margins can be decent, the risk of failure is relatively higher compared to some other Uber bosses. Consider farming Uber Searing Xar if you enjoy fast-paced fights and have a build that excels in burst damage.

A Tier: Uber Elder

Moving up the tier list, we have the Uber Elder. This boss fight combines the mechanics of the Elder and Shaper encounters, providing a challenging but manageable experience. The rewards for defeating Uber Elder are generally profitable, especially if you manage to acquire valuable Watcher's Eye jewels. With proper preparation and a well-rounded build, farming Uber Elder can be a lucrative endeavor.

A Tier: The Maven

The Maven, the endgame boss introduced in the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion, also earns a spot in the A tier. This multi-stage encounter offers a balanced challenge and rewarding loot drops. Defeating The Maven can grant you Maven's Invitation and Maven's Orb, valuable items that can be exchanged for powerful modifiers and rewards. The Maven fight is typically more accessible compared to some other Uber bosses, making it a profitable and manageable option.

S Tier: Uber Shaper - Guaranteed Profit

At the top of our Divines Tier List, we have the Uber Shaper. This boss encounter, accessed through the Shaper's Realm, guarantees significant profits. The fight is challenging but can be mastered with practice. The rewards include valuable Shaper-exclusive items and fragments, which can be traded for substantial amounts of POE currency. If you're looking for a surefire way to generate profit through Uber boss farming, the Uber Shaper should be your go-to choice.

Remember, this tier list is subjective and influenced by personal opinions and experiences. Your own preferences and gameplay style should ultimately guide your decisions. Experiment with different boss encounters, adapt your strategies, and have fun while reaping the rewards of your efforts in Path of Exile.