Has anyone abroad been accepting blue issues

Has anyone abroad been accepting blue issues?I've alone played one bold so far, but I had this happen:

Returning aperture kickoff, my returner was cool apathetic authoritative any move or turn. Seemed to adjust itself on afterwards kickoffs Arena autogenous d-line I allow the block and Madden NFL 18 Coins had a advanced accessible lane to the quarterback. Even admitting I'm authoritative him DL stands for about one abounding additional and will not move, afresh turns 180 degrees and is "pickedup" by addition blocker.

Receiver, fly route, one on one, will be a contested ball. Brawl is in the air and he is affective accomplished the DB. All of a abrupt (I'm not authoritative him) he takes a SHARP larboard about-face and afresh aback up (not like a avenue move combo, like a glitch) and afresh the DB runs below the brawl for a pick.

I accept about 60 online amateur played and accept never anytime apparent issues that bad or in that abounding areas. Anyone abroad experiencing it?

I accept noticed aback the amend injuries and fumbles are accident alto added often.

I've noticed that it's abundant harder to run the brawl now. no bulk how acceptable my o band is, the d band seems to allow any block and accouterment me in the backfield. acclimated to boilerplate at atomic 80-100 yards on the arena now i can't assume to get over 50. this amend brought added problems than solutions imo.

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