Hit 5 Actor on the abstract events


MaddenVip Madden Coins - We just hit 5 Actor on the abstract events!So uuuhhhh what comes next EA? It went up way college for the Cool Bowl why do we get about annihilation in an accident area we accept to bullwork cool harder just to win anything?

The 98 set players are traveling to be cool bargain by the end of the promo. They gave anybody at atomic 10 podiums (could accept pulled added podiums if you're lucky) which comes out to 40% of the cutting for a 98 ovr player, actual fair for free users. Actual solid event.

If you yield into annual the affirmed one from the packs, added the ones you body from the envelopes aswell in the packs, you should accept like 9.5ish if you didn't get any added podiums from the packs.

Am I the alone one apprehensive if we get the Abstract Aggregation Logos.

Pretty abiding PB, SB and AP all had the aforementioned bulk of tiers. But the increments and cap was in actuality lower for this promo.

Maybe they accede the abatement in players? Maybe they capital us to get to the cap beforehand aback the abstract is eventually than the promo in actuality ends? I dunno, it's EA. Nobody knows.

We aswell had alot added time for all of the added association Madden 17 Coins events. We accept beneath than a anniversary for this one.