Hopefully Madden builds on this


I would like this for authorization approach but online I can see why not, exhausted a dude today because he mismanaged the alarm angrily at the end.

To be fair, I like that the Gaudin will now say afterwards a kneel, "With that kneel down, they's acquire now won X amateur in a row!", but I accept what you're saying.

I like NBA2k's end bold book that occurs if a aggregation is up big with a minute left. Hopefully Madden builds on this.

To anybody accusatory about how there's added important things they could do I'm in fact acquainted of this. I just had the kneel applesauce bother me afterwards a bold and capital to see if others agreed.

But from my angle EA is debris if it comes to in actuality TRYING if comes to convalescent Madden.

There's so abundant I can annual that's so immersive breaking. Mechanics a huge one. I in actuality feel as if they allegation to rework this over a few years.

Instead of absolution one every abuse year, maybe they should acquire a new year DLC that adds annotation and rookies forth with a few added baby things while the majority of assets go into in actuality authoritative a fucking abundant Madden game.

But they allegation the a lot of $ possible. So no amazing Madden for us. Maybe you're just bad at allotment the gap?

I anticipate the botheration in actuality is that you can stop the run with 3 lineman and 7 arresting backs.

You see the MUT guys and in actuality anyone active spinner out of dollar and Madden Mobile Coins endlessly and I accumulation adeptness run.

It kills the balance. Humans should be acceptance like 300+ hasty yards if they stick to dollar yet they can lock it up.

Then you can run 3-4 awning 4 bead and stop the pass. Like why a 3-4 OLB isn't in fact absent adjoin a advanced receiver is aloft me.

There's maybe 3 3-4 OLB in the alliance than can accumulate up with a bound end or advanced receiver in the NFL. So why absolute advantage gets ran is aloft me.

It's beatable don't get me amiss but you aren't punished abundant in Madden for bad cadre decisions.

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