How do you approach scouting in franchise mode


How do you approach scouting in franchise mode? I have a scouting system that I'm not entirely satisfied with and would appreciate any suggestions.

Quarterbacks: I generally look for quarterbacks with elite arm strength or great arms coupled with exceptional athletic skills. I usually don't hire a scout specifically for quarterbacks.

Running backs, Wide Receivers, Cornerbacks, Safeties: For these positions, I don't scout them extensively. Instead, I focus on identifying players with elite speed and at least great acceleration.

Offensive Line: I hire scouts who specialize in interior offensive linemen. This allows me to obtain full ratings for every guard and center, and I can then switch their positions if needed after drafting them.

Defensive Line: My criteria for defensive linemen include great or better strength and at least good agility and acceleration. I'm looking for players who are strong and agile.

Linebackers: Similar to my approach for running backs, I prioritize linebackers with elite speed and great or better strength.

After these initial filters, I narrow down my list by considering the partial scouting reports. I disregard players with glaring weaknesses, such as fast receivers with poor catching abilities.

I have access to actual ratings for offensive linemen but rely on guesswork for other positions. What strategies do you use for scouting?

Here's my detailed approach:

1, Regional Scouting Reports: During Week 1, I check the regional scouting reports to identify which positions are strong in each region. I then hire scouts and assign them based on these regional strengths. I aim for at least one 3-star scout for the National region and 2-star scouts for regions with positions I anticipate needing.

2, Long-Term Planning: I use the "Resign Players" section to see which players have expiring contracts and estimate how much cap space I'll have for signings. This helps me plan for the draft by identifying which positions might need replacement.

3, News and Draft Stories: Throughout the season, I keep an eye on the News section for draft-related stories. These can provide insights into players with high development ratings or those who might slide in the draft due to off-field issues or other factors. It's a great way to discover hidden gems.

4, Athletic Attributes: I look for players with Elite or Great athletic attributes, but I also consider players with consistently Good to Great attributes across the board. Well-rounded athletes often perform better than those with a few standout skills.

5, Scheme Fit Consideration: I prioritize scheme fits but also check players who are close to fitting my scheme. Sometimes, players who don't perfectly match your scheme can still excel with some development.

6, Positional Skills: I assess players for their positional skills, even if they're not an ideal scheme fit. For example, a Zone CB with solid Man Coverage and Press skills could be versatile and useful.

7, Wide Receivers with Poor Catching: I avoid wide receivers with D or F ratings in catching. The exception is if a draft story mentions a player transitioning to tight end; such players can become valuable backup quarterbacks with development.

8, Playmakers: I consider playmaker wide receivers with good running skills and speed as potential running backs or receiving backs.

9, Note-Taking: I keep a notebook handy to jot down scouting information, draft stories, and player notes. This helps me make informed decisions during the draft.

While my method involves a lot of preparation and scouting, it often leads to successful draft classes and well-rounded teams. Buy cheapest Madden 24 coins here, welcome to! 24/7 Instock!