​How to get access to the Madden 24 closed beta


Learn how to gain exclusive access to the highly anticipated Madden 24 closed beta and experience the latest features before anyone else.

Fans of the football, prepare to be shocked! Fans won't have to wait for very long to get a taste of the action in the game, despite the fact that the much-anticipated edition of Madden 24, which isn't going to be published until August. EA Sports has a long-standing habit of releasing closed betas of their most current Madden games throughout the summer. This presents an incredible chance for fans to thoroughly evaluate the game prior to its official release to the wider audience. It's undeniable that Madden 24 is another smashing success. Beginning in early June 2023, players were able to try out Madden 24 beta edition and get their first look at the game's virtual football field. If you want to try out Madden 24, how can you get your hands on a beta key? Come on, then, and jump in!

The Madden 24 Closed Beta: Here's What You Need to Know

Madden 24's closed beta testing kicked off on June 8, only one day after the highly anticipated game's launch trailer went up. The game's testing phase officially began when the ball was kicked off. You'll need a special invitation to join the closed beta, which you can acquire by installing the EA app on your PC, Xbox 360, or PS3, and entering the code provided there. This ticket serves as your gateway to the invite-only gaming experience.

Signed Up and Ready to Roll

At the beginning of this year, passionate Madden enthusiasts were offered a remarkable opportunity to register for a "limited" opportunity to partake in an exclusive closed beta testing phase for the highly anticipated Madden 24. If you were among the lucky few who registered, there is a strong chance that you will be given access to the game's beta version. This access grants you the opportunity to boldly engage in the game before it becomes available to the masses. The beta codes will be sent by Electronic Arts (EA) in waves during the beta testing period, so keep a watch on your email.

Franchise Mode Glitches: A Chance for Redemption

Sorry to hear that Madden 23's Franchise mode had your trouble, but if you were one of the unfortunates few, it's all sorted up now. You can count on EA Sports to have your back. A number of people who had previously had similar difficulties have reported receiving letters from EA in April confirming their inclusion in the Madden 24 limited beta. Even while your code could have been sent to the email address connected to your EA account, you shouldn't rule out alternative possibilities.

The MUT Twitter Account: A Treasure Trove of Beta Codes

You haven't received a beta code yet, have you? Since the start of the beta phase, the @EASPORTS_MUT Twitter account has been hosting competitions to give away beta codes. Keep tabs on their latest activities and be prepared to exploit any opportunities that may arise.

An All-Access Pass to Gaming Delight

Madden 24's closed beta offers a wide variety of game modes for gamers to try out. Madden Ultimate Team, Franchise, Head-to-Head Ranked, and Superstar are just a few of the fascinating game modes available to those fortunate enough to get a beta ticket. You'll be glued to your screens for the whole football extravaganza!

Beta Etiquette: Capture the Moment, Not the Footage

Your desire to brag about your successes in the Madden 24 closed beta is understandable, but you must refrain from doing so in order to avoid disqualification. It is strictly banned for beta testers to share videos or screenshots from the beta on any social media site. Let's keep the surprises a mystery so that we may focus on having fun and helping each other out while playing.

Final Thoughts

While you wait for Madden 24 to launch in its entirety, the closed beta is a fantastic opportunity to test the waters. Whether you were selected from the limited sign-up or were forced to suffer through the dreadful problems in the Franchise mode, keep an eye on your inboxes for that highly sought-after beta ticket. Don't quit up even if it seems like luck isn't on your side! The wonderful folks at EA might potentially save a life with the MUT Twitter account. Get yourself in fighting shape for the digital battlefield by ensuring your gear is functioning, lacing your shoes more snugly, and zipping up your jacket. There is a new Madden game waiting for you.

August 18, 2023 Madden 24 has been officially released, but the internal test is still instructive, so I hope this helps. Also, MMOexp sells the best Mut 24 coins, hurry up and grab them.