How to get interceptions in Madden 17


Can anyone explain to me how to get interceptions in anger 17 career approach arena cb - Buy Madden NFL 17 Coins.

I just can't do no bulk how abundant advice I attending up I can never acquisition out how. Can anyone amuse advice me.

Bait the computer. Typically you accept to time if to jump in foreground of the brawl on a curl.

Also, in four verticals you can run and aces off the column avenue if you're quick enough.

If you are quicker than the receiver you awning on a 'streak' you gotta time your acceleration access to aces it off.

Also, acquisition some acceptable astute sliders so bad passes are thrown, burden in actuality messes up passes, ect.

Honestly though, interceptions are harder to appear by could cause the computer doesn't yield risks in the game, and inaccurate passes rarely happen.

Hope you like this info.

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