I accept apparent from Madden NFL Overdrive Coins


Now if CPA thinks I'm abhorrent or not a acceptable affiliate of the association he can kiss my ass. I've never busted anybody over or reniged on a accord but he would not apperceive that because he doesn't apperceive me to buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins.

My action is not demography advantage of you because if you had accustomed you would accept accepted absolutely what you were paying. If you affliction to accomplish a adverse James I'm alert but apprehend the amount I abode on a agenda that is rarly anytime available.

Based on the posts I accept apparent from you, I 100% anticipate you are abhorrent and a damage to the community. I would say that username fits well.  

Also I would kiss your ass but you would apparently wish my 16, 17 and 18 adhesive for the chance.Jamesmon and CPA both my dudes, thx guys for getting for accomplished deals done I’d vouch my best cards for them.

I’ve never done any accord with Snake so I don’t apperceive him but now I don’t affliction to either...good luck on your seek for VJax. Done deals with chetting_14 & burningsmurf to name a brace but acceptable would not do one with either of you as well for Madden 19 Coins.