I acquisition he is acceptable abundant to buy Madden Coins


I acquisition he is acceptable abundant to authority the block continued abundant that 9/10 times you don’t get sacked.  I've been absent this agenda for a while, and I'm apprehensive if he's solid.  I'm anxious about his STR which is his adeptness to authority a block for Madden Coins.  

I apperceive the capital affair is that he's a "good abundant OT" and has a 2% neutralizer, but I do run the brawl a lot so I wish one that's traveling to advice the run game.He's one of the accomplished abject ovr OTs - I've had added OT's accomplished up to 90+ and they play just as acceptable or better.

PLs with Boosts play amazing like Remmers, Berger, Lewan, Mason. Only acumen I accept em is for the -2%, I run a antitoxin affair team. He needs to be accomplished to accord with 110 D linemen now.

I can say this: Untrained he's not a beast. If you're a philly fan, again of advance you would wish him. If you wish the -2, it's not account the top amount IMO. Example: For Flanker Spot, he generally cuts the DE.

I play all anger H2H adverse 100+ Defense, and Dlinemen 105+, they all just jump over him. Probably the sub 90 backbone is a agency (guess those PEDs didnt help). For run block hes not the best, aswell Tackles don't charge to be fast back they don't pull to play Madden NFL Coins.