I acquisition that PA works fine


Now, I'm not gonna allocution about annihilation like Ai aegis and breach is 10x bigger than the players, annihilation like that. What I abhorrence is the focus on MUT, and the abridgement of any accomplishment for the franchise/offline players. What happened to the being able to adapt the seasons, so instead of 16 bold seasons we could accomplish it 12,8,6,4, etc.

What happened to just accepting able to do playoffs. Accomplish playoffs annular robins,MaddenVip Madden Coins annular robins with bifold elmination, what happened to it all.

Now I havn't played a anger in years so I'm not abiding if they got rid of all that, but i bethink that accepting bisected the fun. Setting up a bifold abolishment playoff and arena the superbowl, whoever fabricated it. The endure time I had fun in a football bold was NCAA10 and putting some accidental no name academy in the absolute appointment and alone arena top 10 teams.

What happened to the old football amateur that wern't MUT and afresh the draft of the game?

I aswell absence play activity in actuality working. That acclimated to be such a big allotment of my offense, it was aswell actual accessible if it would say how able-bodied your pa would work, 80% 100%set up. Now pa is worthless, unless you ambition to be Atlanta and accord up a big sack.

I acquisition that PA works fine.I anticipate it's appealing astute honestly. If I accept no run bold and try it it fails. If I'm accepting success active and do play activity it works great.

No money can be fabricated in those modes. The bulk of money dumped in those packs is frightening. They've even watered them down to all hell and I anticipate humans in actuality absorb added money. It's sad. I absolutely absence the NCAA games. They were the best to Buy NFL Coins.