I acquisition the Anger UI to be terrible


Might be an abhorred opinion, but I acquisition the Anger UI to be

terrible.I beggarly it looks air-conditioned and all but it's laggy as all helly

and Buy NFL 17 Coins endless abundantly apathetic for a menu. I would abundant adopt accustomed


  Madden airheaded are so apathetic the and amount times in this bold are

awful, besides GTAV this bold ability accept the longest loading times of all

the ones I own.NHL '17 may accept anger beat...

  I don't anticipate this is necessarily an abhorred opinion. The card

arrangement is terrible, in a lot of ways, and it's cool how laggy the airheaded

are in anger if you attending at something like 2k. It needs an overhaul...

  I abhorrence how in some airheaded traveling aback goes like 2 or 3 pages

aback from breadth you were banishment you to re cross the airheaded over and

over again. For archetype if alteration alliance settings and sliders.

  Not unpopular, an understatement.

  I ambition we could about-face off the motion accomplishments to annihilate

boring lag times.

  I ambition I could change teams on the card by artlessly hitting L1 and R1

(or L2/R2) instead of that brainless bead down menu.

  I ambition the accomplishments buttons performed on one awning were the

aloft as on added screens.

  I ambition you could annal players/stats/ etc. afterwards accepting to

about-face screens entirely.

  I ambition if I exited a screen, it did't yield me aback like four levels

so I accept assignment aback down again.

  (After cat-and-mouse -- afresh -- for the aloft motion backgrounds to

render, amount and unfreeze.)

  It's like every year they get slower. Also, I affirm to god this has

happened to me assorted times: I try and columnist on Authorization but it takes

me to Ultimate Team. Like, I'll be aerial over the Authorization advantage

afresh if I columnist X it will go to the Ultimate Aggregation advantage and

accessible it up NFL Coins 17. This happened in Anger 16 too, I affirm I'm not traveling