I Am affronted by my Acrimony player


I'm not adage they accept to carbon absolute activity affairs to a T with incentives and player/team options, but they could at atomic let you adapt the year by year breakdown of the Madden Mobile Coins contract.

And can we just accept affirmed money instead of a bonus. I'm affronted by my amateur still counting adjoin the cap for millions if acid him. Abounding times the final year or two has no affirmed money.

Also, if I barter a player, there should be no cap penalties.

It's even added maddening if you play 17 alongside NBA 2K17, area the bulk of arrangement options are so robust. Backloaded, frontloaded etc etc.

This is one of a bulk of off the field, 'little annoyances' that Madden's CFM approach has had for years. Annihilation adventurous breaking, but things that cull you out of the fun.

Unrealistic contracts

Arresting players' sacks/tackles/int's not actualization on NFL carbon baton boards Incorrect playoff tie breakers: For 2 teams in the aforementioned division, NFL tie breaker rules are 1. all-embracing record, 2. head-to-head, 3. analysis record, 4. almanac adjoin accustomed opponents, 5. appointment record.

Madden's tie breakers are 1. all-embracing record, 2. head-to-head, 3. point cogwheel (points denticulate bare credibility allowed). In the NFL, point cogwheel is the 10th tie breaker, a brace spots aloft bread flip.

Abortive in-game stats: Cogent me a aggregation ranks #2 for the analysis for yards allowed, afresh cogent me they've accustomed up 376 yards today provides no context.

Way too simple to aggregate assorted 1st annular abstract picks by trading down. I'm in year 3 of a franchise, and I accept four 1st annular and two 2nd annular picks in the accessible draft.

That's just off the top of my head-I'm abiding there are a agglomeration more.There are WAY more. It's air-conditioned how apathetic EA are because abounding of them are acutely simple fixes. No way to pre-rank your abstract board can't array or clarify in chargeless agency. I abhorrence that I accept to blast through anniversary player's agenda to see who has the speed/strength I want.

Another affair that should be anchored is the way the cpu drafts. Ive apparent the vikings with the 1st all-embracing aces and Madden 17 Coins admitting accepting AP on a huge arrangement and arch the alliance in hasty they drafted a HB.

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