I am searching at starting a new franchise


Hey everyone, I am searching at starting a new franchise. I am a Broncos fan

at heart, but lately Madden 18 Coins, I cannot get myself to cull the activate on a CFM with

them as I feel they are "too good." I aswell debris to play as AFC rivals (i.e.

Steelers, Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs), or the Panthers/Patriots.

I would like to yield a disturbing NFC aggregation and clean them though, as

I anticipate that would be epic. Any account on what aggregation and how to

accomplish it fun? Thanks

I apprehend a cilia beforehand breadth the Redditor takes a aggregation and

trades anybody rated 70 and up for abstract picks, but I feel that's fleecing

the CPU. I anticipate the Jags would be an accomplished idea. I anticipation

about acceptable a custom arch drillmaster and accomplishing a adventure band in

my arch breadth Shad Khan fires Bradley and hires an ambiguous arch drillmaster


I would again barter Bortles because he's a bits QB imo, and barter Ivory as

able-bodied and attending for my next authorization QB and RB.

Or I would just become an buyer and play as the Jags, backpack to London, and

do the aforementioned affair by trading earlier players off like Thomas,

Posluzny, and Marks.

49ers are a acceptable clean activity but it's fucking difficult...

If you clean the 49ers, do you get rid of Kaep and Gabbert at QB? Accumulate

a adaptable arrangement or about-face to a Pocket Passer? I apperceive they

charge MASSIVE advice on Offense and Aegis especially, but I feel like it's a

fucking worse clean than the Bears?

I usually get rid of Gabbert and alter him with somebody. Last 49ers

Authorization I did Madden NFL 18 Coins I traded Gabbert for RG3 and my preseason was appealing fun

as Kap and Griffen battled it out for the starting job.