I ambition the CPU fabricated added Audibles

I ambition the CPU fabricated added Audibles and Hot Routes on offense.Like

the appellation says, I ambition the CPU would accomplish added audibles and hot

routes on offense. In the absolute NFL, offenses acutely acknowledge to the

cadre and the accumulation of the defense,Madden Ultimate Team Coins and I ambition and achievement that

in the next Madden the CPU becomes added able in this way.

  It wouldn't acquire to be like this on every adversity because it would be

harder to play defense, but maybe if there was a "CPU Playcall Intelligence"

slider or something it could work. I feel like the breach calls a lot of the

aforementioned plays and even admitting aegis on All-Madden is by no agency

easy, I acquisition myself able to authority the computer to a acreage ambition

a lot added about than I apparently should.

  I anticipate already a QB gets abundant Awareness Additional Years in

league, that QB should get agnate programming as they gave Peyton for a brace of


  Edit: Or, what if Audible was a QB stat? If you acquire Like 70 Audible,

you can acquire like two audibles per accumulation or something, if you get 95,

you can about run the playbook from the LoS?

  They don't charge to buy Cheapest Madden NFL17 Coins, they apperceive your play. don't apperceive what

Madden you are amphitheatre but the CPU Quarterback audibles just about every

play in my game.