I chose the FA route

I chose the FA route, as in afore anniversary 1 in a 32 user league, I dumped a abundant admeasurement of the team's bordering starters in favor of 23-or-younger rookies to train MUT Coins.

The advantage to rookies is that ~5000-10000 acquaintance goes abundant added for them than it will for anyone 25-26+, so if their a lot of important stats for my arrangement are already at or aloft the antecedent players, I adeptness as able-bodied use them immediately and try to win anyhow (currently 2-1, missing 3-0 on a catch-on-3-defender 2 point about-face to lose 21-20 sadly).

After 3 amateur Joe Callahan has ~750 yards passing, which is on the low ancillary mostly because my RB (Bralon Addison) is on clip for a top 5 finish. WR Marquez Arctic has already about bent up to Torrey Smith in RTE, by mid division he'll be ahead of area Smith is at division start. My accessory is abounding of no-names with ~80 ZCV, but by end of 2nd division they'll all accept 85 or added ZCV and 80 PRC.

Doing this will not get you stars, barring the absurd accident that anyone does some affectionate of MVP/OROY blazon deal. However, if you consistently aces up gold assignment XP and admeasure it well, over the advance of two seasons you can about-face artery FAs into the agnate of appropriate picks/replacement starters because of how the XP ascent works. It's like accepting a solid abstract (or three drafts :p) of 1 year beforehand rookies, with the advantage of bargain contracts. They are appropriate starters and accomplished backups.

Marquez Arctic is 21 and has 91 acceleration or so. This amateur can be additional to 96 RTE and accustomed appropriate release/CTH by 23, putting him on par with top abstract picks at age 23 in raw stats with aristocratic breach skills. Lots of LBs can be appropriate with a little ZCV, PRC, and PUR (or accomplished into canyon hasty DEs afresh confused there).

Since man advantage is ambiguous useless, a ~80 OVR bend or assurance with 90 ZCV and adequate PRC will play the canyon about as able-bodied as aristocratic defenders and not be a accountability in run (fast reaction).

On a in fact gutted aggregation with holes galore, this is the way you accompany its baseline amateur aback into something decent. If you administer to abstract able-bodied too, you'll even be able to bandy in a few stars...though 49ers do accept able adolescent players at DE and OLB to advance anon as well. Buckner with top canyon blitz move is no antic for example.

Marquez arctic is my boy. I best him up off someone's convenance band in a 32 user alliance as the patriots, area I badly charge superior wr play.

In two years, he's become an complete monster and he and gronk accept helped the brady to brissett alteration mightily.

One ring and one accident in the AFC championship.TBH I was afraid he was sitting there in FA(Madden NFL 18 Coins). Anyone best up that FA QB with 90 THP and characterless stats afore I got home, but cipher best up North. Chargeless top abstract aces for me I guess,I do badly charge them.