​I did a few greater extensive checking out


I did a few greater extensive checking out remaining night time of the offline franchise computer virus i.e. wherein the sport crashes after gambling a playoff sport withinside the destiny.

Rather than sim ahead 10 years after which play a sport of buy madden 23 coins, I went for a season with the aid of using season technique 32 group manipulate, with teach firing ON. No custom draft files.

For every season I made certain that any fired coaches had been "retired" as characters. I then took over the brand new teach as a character. For every season I simmed the everyday season and playoffs then performed the SB.

One of the theories being thrown round become that once X years the sport did now no longer produce sufficient OC/DC/HC to retain for this reason triggering the crash. So I watched that carefully. I created numerous custom coaches at the manner to make certain there had been sufficient applicants.

Anyway I were given to 2032 adequately and become capable of development after gambling the SB. For all seasons there had been sufficient applicants (newgens and modern actual coaches) for all ninety six roles throughout the league. As an apart it did make me laugh to look Josh McDaniels get fired from the Raiders and become again subsequent season because the OC for the... Patriots!

But all of it went incorrect in 2033. Got to the 2033 SB. Played it. When I went to Finish Game, much like earlier than, the sport could crash and presented to ship an blunders record to EA.

So I went again to my preseason begin 2033 store record. I double checked - there had been OC/DC applicants withinside the availability pool and all 32 groups had all positions crammed.

Interestingly for a in addition check I then amended league settings for the league on the begin of 2033 - placed teach firing to OFF then simmed to the SB. Unfortunately that repair did now no longer paintings. The sport once more crashed after completing the sport. So it appears some thing computer virus triggers the sport crash become embedded earlier than the 2033 season.

To cheer myself up I went once more with a check of 32 group manipulate, teach firing OFF, no custom draft record. As earlier than this worked. I were given to play the 2033 SB and the sport become geared up to progess to 2034 with out troubles.

So at this factor I do not suppose there may be an apparent cause of this computer virus.

I admire extraordinary humans have had extraordinary studies of this computer virus. All I can say with affordable self assurance is that AFAIK the most effective positive manner to play a long time 10+ season franchise is to both:

A) Play as a GM and by no means play or watch your group in-sport i.e. simply draft and expand gamers. Do now no longer use a custom draft record.

B) (My technique) Set up 32 group manipulate. Coach Firing to OFF. No custom draft record. That manner you could as a minimum play or watch the video games with Mut 23 coins for sale. And simply receive that there'll by no means be teach moves/hires and many others to your make trust NFL mini-international, and that Pete Carroll will nonetheless be on the Seahawks while he turns a hundred years antique.

Hope this is beneficial.