​I feel like my aggregation is appealing good


This bold is just artlessly not fun to play at a top ability level. To preface, I feel like my aggregation is appealing good. I'm sitting at 1454 ability afterwards actually adequate the grind.

I accept enjoyed assault tournaments, the promos, Madden NFL 19 Coins and candidly even overdrive. But lately, that joy is just gone.

Let's alpha with the matchmaking. I'm not abiding what is traveling on, but I am consistently akin adjoin humans with 1500-2200 power.

Very, actual rarely do I play somebody abreast my ability level. These teams are again accepting anywhere from a +1 overall, to a +5!

The defenses I am now traveling adjoin are 99's beyond the board. It's absurd to run the brawl (thus allowance out my adversary even added due to 120-180 point pressures), and my playbook is acutely bound because I accept AT MOST two seconds to bandy the brawl afore an absolute arresting band of 99's comes to sack me.

Heck, I've been accepting sacked BEFORE I can even bandy or duke the brawl off.

I don't even wish to activate to articulation the annoyance that is commutual a catch, just to consistently be actually nailed and fumble, or bead the ball.

I actually don't wish to appear off as whiney, or be consistently akin adjoin lower ability levels than me.

All I wish is a fair adventitious to exhausted the teams I'm accepting commutual against. I wish to be able to enjoyably use the aggregation I've spent so abundant time to acquire.

Is anybody abroad at college ability levels experiencing this? I anticipation as I climbed from 800 -> 1000 -> 1200 -> 1400 the bold would be added fun, but candidly it's been the exact opposite. I'm currently in Elite III, and just got abandoned by a 2350 ability team.

Good luck to everybody out on your pulls over the next brace days, but I would adulation to apprehend added people's opnions.