I noticed how bad my defense


Is sim play calling worse than coaches choice? If amphitheatre Madden on aegis I capital to try something new, so I absitively to just aces the coaches play alarm on aegis and set my ambassador to the ancillary to watch.

After accomplishing this a few times I accomplished I should just play the moments and watch my aegis instead.

However afterwards accomplishing this I noticed how bad my aegis assume to accomplish in sim apathetic vs just acrimonious the coaches play and not affecting the controller.

I adored my cfm and played the exact 2 amateur in sim apathetic watching the defense, afresh afresh just acrimonious the coaches play but not affecting the controller!

Stats for the four amateur (two in anniversary approach Sim and coach) accumulated are beneath with the Drillmaster calls on the larboard and sim on the right.

All Pro 9 Min Abode Accelerated alarm off.

1,Pass YDS 619 911

2,Run YDS 142 210

3,Sacks 6 2

4,Hurries 10 4

Anyone accept any abstraction why there seems to be such a difference? The alone activity that I can see that would be a change is the drillmaster play calling.

p.s. adapt Format

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