​I think your idea works for having the CPU


I believe your concept can be implemented to let the CPU use the latest passing mechanism however it doesn't go beyond that.

It summarizes the EA AI QB progressions well by saying that it tracks the positions of players, determines who is in the open and throws it down the player's route.

But, NFL QBs don't make decisions like this. Madden must allow their AI processors to go through the progressions of a reads to check-downs on other QB ratings, like Awareness or something else.

Sure, being capable of throwing an attempt to curl that just their WR could catch it would be fantastic however, it could be a nuisance if they do it every single time since they perceive that they are open and that the position is an ideal spot for the ball. This would result in over-exaggerated QBs.

AI has to discover how it can not always throw the perfect throw. I'm thinking of the Baker Mayfield video that was made of him not throwing wide open OBJ. CPU AI doesn't ever pass over receivers that are open. The CPU AI won't take an one-on-one game in the open with a receiver of 6'3 on the 5'9 corner and conclude it's better than hitting the tight side with an incline route. In the latter case, I'd like to see the AI's brain decide to focus on giving the receiver the ball by placing it where he will only make a move on it. I'd like to see QBs who are proficient in making throws and some who aren't. Certain QBs are good in taking this match-up into consideration Some prefer the check-downs.

There's a different class of QBs, typically young QBs who aren't sure where to place the ball in situations such as the one you mentioned. I think that the CPU AI will be able distinguish between Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers and a Jalen Hurts trying to get to with the same player.

QB's in Madden are able to go through different progressions. They don't break down on how each play will be read in real-life However, the game does have progressions(4) which they follow on every play. This is something we could even alter on our PC.

I've also explained how the game does not have to find the appropriate throw for each goal. It could be any number you'd like. It could generate five throws, or it could determine the top 50 most optimal throws, however.

It's very easy to calculate two throws, the highest efficient and least optimal ones followed by the dice roll on the awareness.

All I'm telling you is EA should let it open up to the point where the CPU QB's no more throwing it tied with the routes, but they are looking at the catch radius and throwing it around the catch radius. Of course, the scores will determine how often best throwing is made and as well as how accurate they are, etc.

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