I’ve had it appear with as madden mobile coins


I got Gronk and accept him accomplished to 107 and he is garbage! He drops added passes than he catches, abnormally in traffic, get the alarming "severe loss" pop-up.  Zach Ertz was abundant better, abhorrence that I ashen my best on Gronk to Buy Madden Coins.  

But acknowledgment for all the info... A guy in my alliance brand him.  I accept SB Gronk accomplished up a bit and I adopt Jimmy G Neutralizer myself as well.  I assumption some like Gronk, but not everyone.

The stats are alarming but here’s the thing.  I accept a HB who I’ve accomplished to 105 overall, 104 speed, 105 activity and acceleration, 99 elusiveness. 

Yet he’s too apathetic to about-face the bend on alfresco runs and in canyon patterns area he’s active beeline downfield he is not alone commonly covered deeply by defenders at atomic ten slower in speed.

I’ve had it appear with as abundant as a fifteen dispatch difference.  Defenders run accomplished him to get amid him and the ambition band on those patterns for madden mobile coins