I was agog for addition authorization rebuild


I haven't played Anger in a acceptable 6 months or so and I was agog for addition authorization rebuild. I anticipation I'd see if I could in actuality accomplish Chip Kelly good. Afresh things got weird.

Team(s): 49ers, afresh the Packers

Role: Drillmaster (Chip Kelly)

Previous Teams:

Number of Seasons: 1

Record: 2-14

Playoff Appearances (Wins and Losses): lol playoffs

Superbowl Appearances (Wins and Losses): yeah right

Season Recap: My analysis as Chip Kelly, 49ers arch coach, did not go well. We concluded the analysis 2-14 and I was fired. Welp, I thought, so abundant for authoritative Chip Kelly good. Out of curiosity, I simmed advanced to see if anyone abroad would yield ashot on him.

It turns out the Packers went 7-9, missing the playoffs. They absitively to blaze Mike McCarthy and instead set their architect on Chip Kelly, who just went 2-14. The 49ers, interestingly, absitively McCarthy was their guy. So it was finer a coach swap. Chip Kelly is now the arch drillmaster of the Packers.

And in anniversary one, adjoin the Lions, Aaron Rodgers through an interception on a 2-point about-face attempt. Lions DB Glover Quin best it off in the endzone and about ran it back, with abandoned the QB to beat. Rodgers fabricated the tackle...and broke Glover Quin's shoulder.

Look out, NFC North. Chip Kelly's milkshakes accept angry Aaron Rodgers into a affliction machine.

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