I would randomly find wide receivers


Hey ya'll, in beforehand maddens I'd about acquisition avant-garde receivers or rb's with top throwing power! Eventually I'd try and accomplish them accurate, but you couldn't absorb credibility on annihilation aback then.

I had a avant-garde receiver with 92 Acceleration, 90 speed, and 87 throwing power. I forgot his accuracy, but he formed for me.

That was in Madden 12. Has anyone begin that in Madden afterwards Madden 12? I anticipation that was a air-conditioned belichick blazon of thing.

Braxton Miller is apparently your best bet. He's a amateur WR on the Texans who played QB at Ohio State afore switching positions.

He has adequately appropriate QB ratings and abundant dispatch which makes him a fun dual-threat activity QB.

It's alone a 64. That's mainly due to his low Bandy Ability though, which is the a lot of heavily rated aspect if artful a QBs all-embracing (26%).

The accomplished rated OOP QB is Terrelle Pryor (WR, CLE) at 67 overall.

Pryor is accession Ohio State artefact who in actuality came into the alliance as a QB and saw some activity with my admired Oakland Raiders afore transitioning to WR with the Browns.

A few added academy QBs you may accept heard of that fabricated the about-face to accession position in the NFL include:

Logan Thomas (TE, BUF, 62 ovr QB)

Nick Marshall (CB, NYJ, 61 ovr QB)

Blake Sims (HB, TB, 59 ovr QB)

Jameill Showers (SS, DAL, 58 ovr QB)

B.J. Daniels (WR, ATL, 57 ovr QB)

Denard Robinson (HB, JAX, 52 ovr QB)

I begin a absolute activity Pryor in Madden 17. Afterwards four amateur in the amateur division I absitively to go with the superstar development amateur over the adolescent qb in waiting and Madden Mobile Coins.

After 8 seasons he's 90 thp, 93spd, 90 acceleration, 99 bcv, 99 abbreviate accuracy, 99 med accuracy, 80 abysmal (somewhere about that lol).

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