Improving my Madden NFL team


What's befitting you invested in the bold (at this point)...Just wondering. I still get some amusement from playing, but the agreeable is absolute underwhelming.

Several alliance mates of abundance accept just up and abdicate recently, admitting accepting in a top 20 league.

Improving my team. I've been arena aback day one and haven't spent a penny. My aggregation is convalescent absolute slowly, so as a 95 rated team, I in actuality ambition to hit 99. Also, if I'm activity in actuality burnt out I'll yield a break, no abashment in that.

It's a bold afterwards all, the a lot of important anticipate is accepting fun.

My aggregation is not the bomb, but I never spent annihilation on the bold either, in actuality fabricated some money off affairs bread at one point. Assumption that's a positive.

Jgwinters said that I accept one account, and it's an best Bears aggregation (so I accept Sig Conte, PB Marshall, Cooper/Demps we alive in FA, etc.). Because of that, I don't feel abundant burden to consistently accept the best aggregation so I can generally get by with arena about 15 annual a day over the advance of 3-4 log-in's (I can do a lot of scrimmage/blitz/tournament drives in that bulk of time).

The Bears accept a top aces so I'm anticipating a 97-99 amateur already the Draftees appear out in May, so I assumption I'm at atomic cat-and-mouse for that at this point.

If we get Movers maybe Mike Glennon will get a new card. Beyond that though, who knows. I could be done in a month, or maybe I'll stick with it. I'm in actuality not aflame about arena the bold every day anymore, it's just one of those things now.

Trying to bolt up Madden NFL 18 Coins, maybe hit 99 by the end of it. Started the anniversary afterwards the Divisional annular in the playoffs and I'm up to 93/93/88 afterwards bottomward any money.