Individual skills can be numerically adjusted for competition


In WT4, the lack of diversity was the result of vulnerability and unstoppability. Individual skills can be numerically adjusted for competition, but full game end requires both of these summoner/debugger spells for higher level signs (36+).

You simply can't have a working build at higher level content if you don't apply a flaw, because that's its own damage multiplier. If your build has no way to enforce it (other than the team meta you can rely on), then your build is trash. For classes like Sorc, they only have one skill that can consistently apply it - frost nova. The same goes for unstoppable. There are so many ccs in high sigils that if you can't stand them or use them reliably, you'll die. This again forces the skill to deliver it. For the sorc this means you now take the tp and the fire shield.

Suddenly your 3+ requires Deep Skills to work and there's really only 1-2 Synergy left to choose from among the remaining Skills. Applying Vuln and becoming unstoppable should be the go-to choice for many other skills. Why does the lightning chain not have a branch say do less dmg but apply vuln etc. Although they buff the hydra through the roof, you still need frost nov to be rude in the current design.

Vuln is just an automatic prerequisite and doesn't have enough options for it to allow diversification.

- Lack of balance in terms of legendary effects and number of legendary effects. Hopefully this can be fixed as they add more legends and buff the weaker ones.

- Heavy damage bucket. I agree with key stats, attack speed and crit all being separate modifiers, not vulnerability damage. If the vulnerability damage is added like everything else, I think scaling would be fine, but since that vulnerability is like a forced end game and that greatly limits the variety of construction way.

- Not many skills or modifiers for arpg. I think there are as many per-class skills as d3 had at launch, but much less modified. I was hoping they just moved the complexity to legendary items, but see point #1.

I wouldn't even say it was in bad shape at launch. As for launch status, I think that's pretty impressive, the only games that are better are the ones that have tinkered with the endgame for years. I don't know what the scale of the seasons will be. Since I don't know if we have any more legends or mechanics to build, I'd say for now make the most of the game's early stages, campaign, and open world, and don't rush to finish it.

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