Is there a way to abolish autopilot


Is there a way to yield AutoPilot off of a user during a abeyance draft? I accept a user in my 32 aggregation CFM who went on auto during the offseason (vacation), Madden NFL Coins and he came aback during the boilerplate of the abeyance draft.

Is there a way to abolish autopilot from his team? It doesn't accept to be an option. Just apprehensive if there is a workaround.

Autopilot will not accomplish the aggregation autodraft...He put himself on absolute auto. It's acrimonious for him anon if he gets on the clock. Oh well, now I apperceive for next time to about-face off everyone's auto afore the draft.

I accept a catechism that you may be able to answer. If a aggregation is on autopilot during the season, will the CPU still beforehand players for them?

I apperceive that if I apish a few weeks during an offline franchise, I came aback to an abandoned aloof board.

If I'm not mistaken, autopilot will not beforehand rookies or accommodate affairs with your players.

And Why isn't an organized abstain possible?Completely abased on what appearance they bring. I will not adjudge to not buy a bold afore we apperceive annihilation 100% about it.

That accepting said, I was in actuality absolute blessed with 17, so it'll in actuality depend. If they fuck up the gameplay with the new engine I'll stick to this game.

I took actually a continued breach from Madden and I assuredly got aback into it this year. I anticipate the endure one I endemic was like Madden 2013 or something and this one actually blew that one out of the water.

I apperceive humans like to accuse about missing features/bugs,Madden 18 Coins but this is candidly my admired Madden I've anytime played.