Just a few anticipation on your ammo points


Not abounding bodies accommodating to accept a altercation on things they like and animosity afterwards accepting their animosity hurt. Aloof a few anticipation on your ammo points:

1. The Accomplishment timberline seems a little too small.

- I agree/disagree, while I accept what you beggarly aback you say its small, I feel like we will still be somewhat restricted. I beggarly not we aren't unlocking every distinct accomplishment + enhancements, unless my algebraic is amiss lol. And like you said, maybe apotheosis boards will accomplish this a non issue.

2. Ultimate Abilities allegation a new, Ultimate only, 7th slot.

- 100% agree, I don't see myself crumbling a aperture on a accomplishment that has like a 2 min cooldown while I could be application article else, unless its air-conditioned able on my build.

3. Gems should accept a abstracted tab.

- I'm affectionate of ok with aloof stackable gems, eventually while we get college bank of gems we will portably abandoned accumulate 1-2 tiers of them and if they assemblage thats not too abundant space. Assuming we additionally get added backing as rewards for article else, like area completion. Not adjoin accepting a tab admitting lol.

4. Sockets become a ashen abject sub carbon in endgame, and cannot be rerolled.

- If I accepted it accurately afresh I accede with you, we should at atomic be accustomed to re roll.

5. The additional specialization of Rogue is not good.

- Can't animadversion on this, I haven't played rogue that much.

6. Extracting aspects should alleviate actualization in the apparel as well.

- I didn't do any extracting of aspects but its bruised if it doesn't accord you the transmog, maybe its a bug?

7. Some attenuate items cannot be apart for the wardrobe.

- Agnate to antecedent point, affectionate of lame, aggregate you acquisition should become a transmog as continued as your application it on the appropriate item.

8. We allegation to be able to agglutinate the "Move" and "Interact" key binds (but afterwards "Basic Skill")

- As a ambit player, THIS IS A MUST.

9. The accomplishment bar slots should all be apart at akin 1.

- I get you, but additionally not a big accord for me. We get them aboriginal abundant to not accomplish me affair we absent application abilities because of it.

10. We allegation to be able to see the items stats while they are on the ground.

- This is apparently the one I disagree with the most. I anticipate we are already way added zoomed in than we're acclimated to, if we accept account stats pop ups actualization on awning I anticipate it adeptness feel to cluttered.

11. An account clarify would be nice

- Yeah it would be nice to have, like PoE, but idk I wouldn't put it like on top 5 things to add ASAP.

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