​Madden 19: Your acquaintance with altered playbooks


I'd adulation to get a faculty of what playbooks association generally use, and what affectionate of playstyle they skew towards. Although the playbooks aren't a air-conditioned abutting archetype of absolute activity (looking at you, KC playbook), it would be accessible for those doing a CFM clean in a accurate style. Here's my addition for the playbooks I've ran the most:

SEA O: Breadth shotgun runs are common and successful; abundantly short-to-mid bold casual advance out a allotment of the top 3 receivers.

PATS O: Excellent casual bold with an accent on the #2 WR, slot, and TEs. I've had a hell of a time aggravating to actualize a run bold with this playbook, though.

VIKES 0: Abundant run bold (ironically) with a acceptable array of plays. Abundant play activity with common abysmal shots that relies disproportionately on your 1 & 2 WRs.

JAGS D: Vanilla 4-3 that relies are able breadth advantage schemes. Difficult to get burden as the blitzes are basic.

My admired abhorrent playbooks are the Saints in CFM, and Panthers in MUT.

Saints accept 13 (i think) shotgun accumulation that use a lot of abbreviate passes and get the RB heavily complex application angles and Madden NFL 19 Coins caster routes. Abundant for Sam Darnold who has an appealing appropriate West Coast QB rating, 98 ovr Bryce Adulation and some solid control guys. Aswell affluence of abysmal plays from the aperture so i can use Robby Anderson to yield the top off a defense.

In MUT I use Cam as a QB and the Panthers playbook is so able-bodied catered to his playstyle lots of rollouts, and abysmal bridge routes breadth I can get Jerry Rice, Keyshawn Johnson and Tyreke all over the field. Some altered pistol formations help aswell and accepting the mutiny with Tyreke in there is a big advantage.

I use the Jets playbook on D. They accept abject 3-4 formations as able-bodied as 3-4 predator that not every aggregation has. I usually advance abundant on LBs so in CFM Avery Williamson is a barbarian forth with Dante Fowler Jr on the outside. Lots of artistic blitzes from Jamal Adams at the assurance atom too. Added formations in the playbook that I like are Big nickle and the 1-4-6 dime formation.